If you think SEO is less complicated stuff to handle, then there are some other ways to get traffic to your blog or website. I hope this tactic is completely legal; we are not fooling anyone or ourselves. Doing this process don’t need and Search engine supports or Social networking support to increase. All you need is good internet browsing and little knowledge of finding top sites.

Take Help with Google Alerts

To work with this method, first you need to find about relevant and close posts with high traffic blogs which are recently published across the web. You can find those latest and high traffic blogs using Google Alerts and it is completely free services through Google Services, Google Alerts sends you latest hot topics and new content across the world may be which you are interested in. So make sure you first set up an account with Google Alerts and read those latest popular posts and write content very closely and related and publish them on your blog.

Comment and Pull Traffic

The second step after taking help with Google Alerts services as said before, first read the latest posts in Google Alerts which Category you are interested. After that write content of your interest in your own style and publish on your blog or website.

Search the published post title you have written in top Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so on. You will find top search results on 1st and 2nd page, simply open the top sites scroll down add unique comment relevant to the post with your post link, next people read your comment and go with your link you added. This will increase traffic to you.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers if full of Questions, if your post is related to top search Question on Yahoo Answers, simply sign in and good answers where people would attract with your answers and simply add link to it, This is also a good source to increase Traffic to your website.

YouTube Platform

Anything can be explained with articles and Videos; I would like to give Small example, how to increase traffic to your website using YouTube.

Example: let’s just imagine that you have written an article and posted on your blog or website about Charlie Chaplin about 300-500 words which are really interesting to read and you want others to read it, share it, or like it maybe it would take while with Search Engines to reach your blog or website.

Just simply go to YouTube search “Charlie Chaplin” open all top search videos and add comments with a link to your post.

The above are the simple tactics which don’t need any SEO tricks and tips, all you need is finding some other ways using above suggestions. Hope this would help you increase traffic to your blog website.