The debate between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes has been raging for many years now. The e-cig industry has grown considerably in the past few years, as more and more people have begun switching over to e-cigs. The market for traditional cigarettes is worth trillions of dollars. There are hundreds of companies that manufacture and sell cigarettes, most of which have trading posts throughout the globe. Awareness regarding the health concerns caused by traditional smokes, however, is on the rise.

E-Cigarettes vs. Traditional Smokes—Which Is Better?

Government-funded campaigns and awareness drives run by private organisations have begun to highlight the harmful effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. As a result, the mass population has begun to realise that traditional smokes can cause a series of health related issues. Unfortunately, casual smoking can quickly transcend into an addiction. Many people often have no choice but to get themselves admitted to rehab centres to curb their smoking habits. Some use nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes in order to get their daily dose of nicotine. E-cigarette suppliers have introduced a wide variety of different flavours in order to cater to the growing demand. The question still remains, however, are e-cigarettes actually better than traditional smokes?

About E-Cigarettes :

Electronic cigarettes are slightly more expensive than traditional smokes. You will first have to buy a starter kit that includes a battery, the cartomiser/atomiser and the electronic liquid. You can use the instructions on the manual in order to put the kit together. Every time you take a puff from the e-cig, the battery sends a charge to the atomiser, which causes the e-liquid to boil. The vapour released from the e-liquid is what you inhale.

E-cigarettes offer plenty of advantages over conventional smokes. For starters, they last much longer. Depending on your vaping habits, a standard e-cig will last you for at least a couple of weeks. Moreover, e-cigs are also customisable, which means you can switch out different liquids in order to alter the taste. E-cig manufacturers offer a variety of different liquids that you can use in order to mix the flavours. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of using e-cigs is that they are slightly healthier as compared to traditional smokes. Apart from tobacco and nicotine conventional smokes include hundreds of other chemicals that can be potentially dangerous to a person. In fact, many cancer-causing chemicals are found in traditional smokes. You don’t have to worry about all this when vaping.

About Traditional Cigarettes :

One of the biggest problems with traditional cigarettes is that the smoke you release has a very distinct smell that can settle into a room. If you are smoking in a closed environment, others around you may also end up inhaling the smoke. Numerous studies have shown that people who smoke excessively often suffer from a series of health problems, and the chances of developing lung cancer are also considerably higher in such people. Therefore, it can be said that e-cigarettes are better than traditional smokes.

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