Athens is a beautiful place where serenity and tranquility are intertwined in every aspect of life. If you happen to be visiting Athens for any reason, then a visit to a high-end spa and wellness center is a must. A day spent at some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa centers in Athens could help you in unwinding yourself from the hectic schedule of stressful life. Help yourself transform into a true god or goddess and discover a world of relaxation and rejuvenation at these fabulous spas in Athens.

Cocoon Urban Day Spa

COCOON URBAN SPA: This is considered to be one of the most revitalizing centers in Athens. It was launched in January 2002 in Agia Paraskevi and is known to be one of the most rejuvenating spas and wellness centers in Athens. The best part about this relaxation center is that special attention is given to each individual that is based on the principle of the transformation of the human soul through touch and spirituality.

The treatments that are imparted are selected and inspired carefully by means of spiritual traditions in wellness. The spa and wellness treatments are carried out by experienced and qualified therapists who deliver unique interests to each client. Another major benefit offered by this spa and wellness center in Athens is that only herbal and natural products are used here to impart the pure feel to the individuals. The spa area includes proper fit area, several separate cabins, common area with sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room and a reception with boutique cosmetics.

Stalactites in Glyfada sea caves

SALT CAVE GLYFADA: You can invite yourself to an entire day of pampering along with spiritual well-being. There are diverse options offered by this rejuvenating spa that can be utilized by the individuals in the form of specialized therapists who offer the purest form of products to create a lasting impression both in terms of health renewal and body relaxation. Salt Cave Glyfada has the most significant spa and wellness services in the form of holistic healing with the use of salt. The air is enriched with rock salt that has been derived from the Dead Sea and helps an individual in complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hiltonia Spa

HILTONIA SPA: When you name Hilton, you can think of royalty combined with classy spa and wellness services in the most rejuvenating manner. You can experience the heights of serenity with special features and services like beauty salon treatments, haircuts, physiotherapy, and exclusive spa and wellness services. The spa is located in the state-of-art wellness area with Jacuzzi, sauna, shower baths, water releases, stone therapy, hydro massage, personal training and much more.

local spa

ORLOFF SPA AT LIFE GALLERY: You can unwind yourself at the most serene and luxuriant aura of pure nature and peacefulness. The Orloff Spa is located in the natural setting of the northern Arthenian suburb and can offer exclusive spa and wellness services that offer a breath of rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatments in Athens. You can relish on Jacuzzi, sauna, shower bath, hot massages, and a deep state of rejuvenation.

Day Spa Lobby

ELENA’S DAY SPA: Get enthralled by the best spa and wellness services in Athens at Elena’s Day Spa center. You can be totally rejuvenated with the vast expanse of spa and wellness services that is a haven of tranquility that is completely free from noise and hustle of the complex life. The excellent state-of-the-art spa and wellness center at Elena’s day spa can offer you ultimate regeneration in the most serene environment.

You can have the most rejuvenating moments of your life in the serene and tranquil environment of the best and the most reliable spa and wellness centers in Athens where you can hire a car in Athens to reach the most relaxing center.

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