Metabolism is a chemical process in the body that involves the breakdown of food to release energy. The energy released is used for all the functions performed by the body. Upgrading your metabolism is one of the simplest ways to keep fit and reduce weight.

How To Kickstart Your Metabolism

Here are some helpful tips to kick start your metabolism:

1. Increase Your Water Intake

If you are not taking enough amounts of water, you need to start hydrating your body appropriately. A slow metabolism can occur as a result of dehydration since water is very necessary for the body to burn calories.

It is necessary to drink a lot of water to kick start your metabolism, but it is important not to over-hydrate yourself to prevent water intoxication.

2. Gain Extra Muscles

Increasing your muscle mass is important. You don’t necessarily have to build up like a body builder, but a little addition to your muscles is a great way to hike your metabolism.

Having extra muscles demands your body to burn calories to nourish that muscle, even when not in action. Studies show that people with more muscles have a higher metabolic rate than those with fewer muscles.

3. Eat Smaller Portions and Eat Frequently

Make an effort of eating small amounts of food but more numerously to avoid feeling like you are starving. Eating small amounts of healthy foods will upkeep your metabolism rate and increase its efficiency. Adopting this method of eating will allow you control your calories and inhibit overeating.

4. Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast helps you to kick start your metabolism (1). There are many profits of eating breakfast every day, one of which is upgrading metabolism. Consequent to waking, most people have spent about 10 or so hours without food.

Skipping breakfast means you will be starving yourself for a prolonged time leading your body to go into the survival mode that results in storage of fat. This leads to a lower metabolism rate.

5. Stop Starving Yourself

Many people suppose that starving helps one to lose weight. This leads to the opposite since starving results to the body storing fat slowing down your metabolism.

It also leads to a risk of excessive eating to gratify yourself after a long period without food that results in low metabolism.

6. Reduce Stress

A high level of stress slows down your metabolism. This is because it creates a hormonal imbalance in the body. High level of stress strains several parts of your body which can result to overeating to relieve stress.

7. Get Active

It is necessary to stay active to boost your metabolism. You can do this by engaging in outdoor exercises, running, aerobics, swimming, walking or dancing. It increases the body’s need for energy thus increasing metabolism.

8. Be Aroused

Sitting or standing for extended periods of time slow down your metabolism. Make a custom of keeping your body regularly moving by constantly stretching, tapping your feet or continuously moving the legs. The consistent movement will increase the rate of metabolism and burn calories even if it is in small amounts.

Beside all of these you can also take metabolism pills, which can boost your metabolism and result to important weight loss. To speed up your metabolic rate, garcinia cambogia extract has proven very successful in this area.

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