A zoo is place where animals are kept. it’s an enclosed facility. The animals are displayed to the public and they can breed in there. There are many zoos in the United States but let me introduce you to some of the best in the US.


This zoo is among the most popular in the US. You can visit it ,it is in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was started in 1875. The zoo has breeding programs and it is known to be the first zoo to bread sea lions. Cincinnati zoo has also breeding program for Masai giraffe, pottos , western lowland gorillas, Malayan tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros and south African cheetahs. This zoo is ideal for family vacation .It has a very appealing scenery for family relaxation. Visiting this zoo will bring you in contact with a huge variety of hundreds of animal species and thousands of plant species. There are also affordable hotels and restaurants which make this place the best for family visits. The place is secure and transportation at Cincinnati zoo is also affordable.

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You can find this zoo in Midtown, Mephis, Tennessee, United States of America. It is a  home to thousands of animal specie’s. It was started in the year 1906. This means it has been around for more than one hundred years. Mephis zoo offers a lot of activities for both adults and childrens apart from the the large variety of animal species that they have. Fun at the zoo is there first priority. You and your family can celebrate winter with a million lights and an outdoor ice skating rink at the zoo lights. Kids of all ages are not left behind as they are thrilled at the zoo each Halloween. This place is best for family vacation. From the design of the ancient city of Memphis. This place is safe and also affordable it has more that a hundred hotels that can accommodate you and your entire family .visit Memphis zoo for the best recreational facilities provided.


Houston zoo is located within Hermman park, Houston, Texas, United states. This zoo is ranked among the best .The zoo has hundreds of animal species. It is the best place for a family visit. It was started in 1922 and has been experiencing height number of visitors. It receives more than two million visitors each year. Visit Houston zoo in case you want to have fun.

Fun at the Denver Zoo


It is in city park, Denver, Colorado in US. It is among the best zoo in the US .It was founded in 1896 making to be among the oldest animal homes. This is very popular and receives more than a million visitors every year. It has very many animal species that are interesting. The place is secure and fun for for family vacation. Great for visiting both with family or friends. You can use under 25 car rental Denver in case you are a young driver.



It is among the oldest animal homes. It was founded in 1889.You can find this zoo in the heart of Washington DC. It is home to more than 300 animal species. The place is fun. It is easily accessible and around it there are many hotels and restaurants making this place ideal for a family visit.

Sometimes family members are busy with their work schedules and finding time to relax is hard, where there is free time, this facilities are the best places to catch up.

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