Samsung to launch the world’s best smartphone i.e. Galaxy S9, but the launch is very near. It is almost half a year after from now.

The recent Galaxy S8 already had impressed the world, but it is not enough after the Apple iPhone X appeared in the market. In the Galaxy S8, the settings screen no longer shows several tabs as it happened in the past but it shows a list of groups of options – Connections, Sounds and vibration, Notifications, Screen, etc. – and when entering each group we access the individual settings. One of my favorite features is Always on Display, which permanently displays time / date information and notification icons on the screen even when it is off. If you double-click an icon, the application opens when you unlock the phone. So, Samsung has to come up with similar display as of S8 or better in the Samsung Galaxy S9 to overcome the iPhone X.

In S8, Samsung offers several designs for the watch that is displayed on the Always On Display screen: digital clock, analog clock, world clock, calendar, and picture or clock edge The “edge watch” design shows the watch on one of the curved sides of the screen, and replaces the night time function of previous Galaxy models. This means that we can no longer have the Always on Display during the day and the night watch when we go to sleep. This was also finding in the Galaxy Note Edge, but it never appeared, though Galaxy S8 Plus can take its place. On other hand, Galaxy Note 8 has made to the market, but Galaxy S9 will be the real deal.

The Always on Display feature also allows you to display contact information and widgets called Face-widgets that give access to music playback controls, a calendar view, and information about the next alarm. To go through the Face-widgets you have to double-tap the hour and then slide left or right. From the lock screen itself we can quickly access two configurable applications through a shortcut icon that are located in the corners at the bottom of the screen. The Samsung S8 + incorporates the Multi Window function to run applications in windows, and this functionality is especially useful with the large screen of this phone. Samsung should come up with a solution in the Samsung Galaxy S9 that will make this feature more convenient.

To activate this function, we have to press the button of recent applications and click on an icon of two rectangles that appears next to the symbol ‘X’ to close of the compatible applications. If we click on the point that appears in the dividing line of both windows we can access different options like swapping windows or having one window float on the other. Samsung has added a new option that allows you to display only one area of ​​an application at the top of the screen. It’s as if we see the app through a window of limited height. The perfection of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be forwarded to the Galaxy S9.


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