The word hostel means halls, special shared places where you can stay for your trip. As a rule, this is the place for budget tourists that prefer cheap prices to comfort. Today, there are many hostels that are ready to break down the stereotype and organize their hostels in the best and original way, making them funny and impressive. The most of the hostels are reliable organizations with the video monitoring and security system. What are they, top the most interesting and extraordinary hostels in the world?

Lavender Circus Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

This vintage hostel is situated in the amazing villa of the 19th century in the very center of Budapest. The warm and cozy atmosphere is colored with the royal chic and elegance. This is the perfect place for the couples and families, travelling all over the country in search of romantic power and isolation.

Guest house bedroom

Kadir’s Tree House, Olimpos, Turkey

Do you want to feel yourself a real elf? Do you want to live on a tree? Welcome! This is the hostel where you can have good and cheap rest in the wooden houses up at the ground, close to the Olimpos National Park. The beach with the clean water is free. The hostel houses are the part of the big park. You feel like a part of nature here.

Generator Hostel, Barcelona, Spain

The bright, stylish and budget hostel is the perfect place to live in Barcelona. The team of professional designers did everything to make every next room different and special. This is a place for happy holidays, where everything is full of fiesta spirit.

St Briavels Hostel, Gloucestershire, England

The times when only lords and kings lived in the castles are passes by. You can spend your night in the ancient castle in the English city Gloucestershire. The rooms are decorated with the heraldic symbols, wooden furniture and canonic roof. Of course, if you are not afraid of ghosts, you can spend your time here. The castle is full of the Middle Aged atmosphere. It is cheap, only if you share the room with other visitors. If you want to get the single room, you have to overpay as it costs very much.

Dream Hostel, Tampere, Finland

Dream Hostel boasts the plain but stylish organization. It was named the best hostel in the city. The modern heating, hospitality, budget prices attract the most of visitor.

Plus Hostel, Florence, Italy

This hostel is a perfect place for making parties. There is a free swimming pool, sauna, bar. Actually, this is not the quiet place. So, if you want to spend your time alone, you should find another hotel.

Bunka Hostel

Kex Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland

Amazing, but it was a confectionary factory many years ago. The modern owners spent a lot of efforts to keep everything in order and take care of the ancient chocolate spirit. Today, Kex Hostel is one of the most popular places in Iceland. You can hire a car in Reykjavik and find the hostel easily.

The MadHouse Hostel, Prague, Check Republic

The hostel can be characterized with two simple words: mad and sexy! The MadHouse is considered to be the best hostel in the country. This is not only the place to sleep in but spend time in a friendly atmosphere. All rooms are decorated with the stylish graffiti that are painted by the famous street artists from Canada, Australia, Montreal.

Van Gogh Hostel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The modern hotel with the budget prices is situated in Amsterdam. It is located in the district of museums, cafes, shops and bars. The rooms are comfortable with the separate bathrooms. What is more, the mad pictures of the greatest Van Gogh are placed everywhere on the walls.

The Red Boat Malaren, Stockholm, Sweden

The topic of transportation is always popular. You are offered to spend your night in the ship cabin. The ship is situated in the very heart of Stockholm. The view that you can see is amazing. You can find a lot of interesting specific small things on the board.

Anchored on a white night, Stockholm

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

What should you do if you hostel is situated on the board of the airplane? Of course, the hostel looks amazing. There are about 30 rooms, rest zones and cafe. The plane was rebuilt to have more comfortable view. It is very interesting being here. The hostel is a right place to spend night or two before your flight. The lux suit is situated in the pilot cabin.

Railway Square YHA, Sidney, Australia

Do you want to live in the train? Welcome to the plain but accurate hostel that was rebuilt from the train carriage. The hostel is located not far from the railway station. There are many shops and cafes around.

Point Montara, California, USA

This is the amazing place on the Pacific Coast. The hostel is organized inside of the old light house. The ocean view that you can see from the hostel window is amazing. It seems to be close to you, near at hand! You can go surfing or kayaking, as you wish.

The Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon probably is the best place in Europe for budget tourists. Independente hostel is situated in the residence of the Swiss ambassador. The most impressive thing is the hostel terrace. You can go up to the terrace and admire the city view any time.

Lisbon view

Pink Hostels, New York, USA

The hostel is located in the center of the city, opposite to the Central Park. It is always overcrowded. The room’s walls are high, decorated with the numerous pictures. You can find a lot of American things in the hostel interior: ancient chairs and commodes. The interior solution is classic. Pay attention to the classic architecture of the Downtown – dozens of stairs that take you up to the door from the street. It’s strange and amazing. Actually, the hostel is not special place, but interesting and atmospheric location: New York, Downtown, Central Park. There is nothing better than specific atmosphere and taste of New York.

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