There have been moments in life where we have all wished for a bit more room.

From being squished on the train, ducking to get into buildings and fitting underneath tables in a café. These sort of experiences have led to the opinion that the term compact and comfortable can be referred to as an  oxymoron.

Oxymoron meaning ‘a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction’.

Yet despite this, it seems like the world we live in has made great strides to get as much comfort as possible from small means.

Just take a look at the car industry, cars keep getting more compact and refined, all the while improving in comfort and user friendliness.

Another area which has taken great strides to bring comfort in a compact environment is interior design.

Today interior designers relish the sight of a compact home study or hallway, as this offers the perfect opportunity to showcase their creative flair and flexibility.

Along with this there is the challenge that is presented by making a small space a comfortable and functional feature in the home.

It has got to the point now where even furniture and home décor companies are offering customised and adaptable collections, specifically designed to make the best use of compact spaces within the home.

Let’s take the home study mentioned earlier as an example.

Compact Comfort

Very few homes come with a dedicated study room, with often PC and home office layouts being integrated as part of a bedroom design.

This leads to many homeowners improvising a home study into their home design.

Now depending on need you can easily take advantage of a compact room space and create a wonderful home study.

First of all you need to examine the space in question, would this be a place where you could spend hours and hours writing that perfect project or article.

Next up you need to consider how to decorate your compact study.

Do you go for a bright and uplifting design, featuring vibrant wall colours taking advantage of natural light sources. Or do you prefer a more focused environment, planning on working hard into the night; therefore, going for a more understated design.

Another factor to consider is your floor. After all this will be an office, so you will have an office chair which will be frequently moving about even in compact areas. Yet you also need to ensure that your flooring can not only fit but also take advantage of the compact space.

So durable, easy to install and maintain in compact spaces?

The choices here really boil down to vinyl or wood laminate flooring, both of which are practical, easy to maintain and can take advantage of smaller space.

Once the décor has been decided, it is simply a case of tailoring the compact study space to your needs. Outfitting it with appropriate furniture and creature comforts that will enhance your environment and showcase your creativity.

Before you know it your compact space will become one of both comfort and style – the oxymoron being a thing of the past.