The need of liberty to lab tests independently can be understood from a simple example where a hyperthyroid individual who lived in a remote area was confronted with the difficulty of ordering his tests without the approval of a doctor. Since he resided in remote, it was hard to find a doctor who understood the details and complexities associated with autoimmune thyroid disease since you always needed a specialist referral before getting your thyroid evaluated through 3 simple hormones in the blood. However, the scenario is changing over the years, and the boom of E-health has resulted in the introduction of mobile phlebotomy services which are widely available in remote areas even where it is hard to find a physician.

This revolutionary method in the field of medicine has resulted in resolving issues of a lot of such patients. This includes the people with diabetes and pregnant individuals who require blood testing on a regular basis and are tired of asking for a doctor’s referrals every time for drawing the blood. In addition to being convenient and reliable, this whole process of online lab tests order also tends to affordable. This is because when you have your tests referred from a specialist who in fact, refer you to a pricey fancy lab costing you a massive chunk of your hard-earned money, which in contrast to the online laboratories which are affordable and offer the same quality tests at comparatively lower prices.

Here are Some Tests You Can Order Without a Referral:

Here is a list of the lab tests one can order without consulting a doctor and can be a great source of replacing a doctor’s appointment when it does not feel necessary. However, it should be clear in all phases of ordering these online tests that these, in no way, are intended to replace a doctor’s consult or advice. Instead, it should be considered a supplemental modality when reaching a doctor just for the sake of lab tests seem cumbersome.

Genetic DNA Testing

There is newer research every day about the genetic diseases and a new marker that come into the blood to make a diagnosis of these disorders. To some people, this might seem like overwhelming at times, but knowing your gene mutations helps you know yourself better and better plan your health goals and ultimately deciding how to minimize the effect of the genetic mutation over your coming generations after you produce children. This is called learning about the epigenetics, and when you get tested through one of the online labs, you can ensure the safety and confidentiality of the reports of these tests.

Here is What is Entailed in Genetic Testing

After having your blood sample drawn, it takes from one to a few weeks to get a detailed report of your genome. This report entails how your genes impact certain things about your health such as mental health and hormones. This guide also comprises an account of the food that is considered as healthy based on the genome of the individual.

These tests can indicate a predisposition towards vitamin b-12 deficiency in the tested individuals and the forms of food supplements to prevent the consequences of this predisposition. This might also tell you if you have aberrant genes when it comes to thyroid function.

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is another lab test that is most commonly ordered. This works mainly for ruling out the risk for diabetes ion an individual as well as diagnosing diabetes mellitus.

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