When a person goes to see their physician because they are experiencing physical pain, their physician will usually start them off with a conservative treatment such as pain medication and exercise. If pain medication and exercise are not effective, then the physician will take the next step in treating their patient which will usually involve some sort of physical therapy. The goal of physical therapy is to improve joint function and to increase muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and/or coordination. There are several types of physical therapy that a person can undergo, and their physician will prescribe the one that is right for them.

Occupational Therapy Helps People With Disabilities

Types of physical therapy programs: Specific exercises that are designed to treat an injury, illness, or some other medical condition is almost always a component of a physical therapy program. Physical therapy may involve massaging muscles, mobilizing bones and joints in order to put them into the proper position, and manipulating joints to help increase their range of motion. Education is a major aspect of physical therapy in which patients are taught how to perform everyday tasks safely, how to properly use assistive devices like crutches and wheelchairs, and they are taught how to properly perform exercises at home. There are also specialized physical therapy programs that focus on wound care, urinary incontinence, cancer care, and other specialized treatments.

Occupational therapy: People who have physical, mental, or cognitive disabilities may receive services from an occupational therapist that will help them to be able to live independently. People who are suffering from a disability may have daily living goals that have been written out by a physical or speech therapist, a physician, nurse, or a social worker. The purpose of an occupational therapist is to help people with disabilities reach their goals. These goals may include adapting to a changing environment, modifying tasks, learning a new skill, and getting family involved in helping their disabled relative achieve their goals.

Occupational therapy in Bowie, MD: There is many Occupational Therapy Bowie Maryland facilities in Bowie, MD that also provide standard physical therapy services. The Children’s Evaluation and Therapy Center in Bowie provides occupational therapy to children and young adults from birth to age 21 who are on the autism spectrum. Neuron Restorative is another occupational therapy facility that offers rehabilitative services for people of all ages who have suffered brain and spinal cord injuries. These are just two of the many facilities in Bowie that offer occupational therapy services. It is important for a person with a disability to choose the right occupational therapy facility with the help of family and/or a social worker that will provide the best program to help them achieve their goals.

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