Pool events are a fun way to bring friends together and enjoy summer time sun, but after the visitors have gone, the cleanup can be challenging. Not just the clean up around and outside of the pool-but the unclean, cloudy pool regular water that continues to be after many people have been in the pool at once.

Going from a clean Blue Haven Pools with regular water that is fresh before the celebration to unclean, cloudy regular water after your friends and family have gone can be frustrating, but it’s completely regular. Adhere to our systematic guidelines to make your regular water sharp and clear once again.

Test the Substance Levels

The first response to seeing cloudy Blue Haven Pools regular water is commonly to start flowing substances like clarifiers and pool dirt removal into regular water to destroy the viruses, but doing so could possibly oversaturate regular water, improving the cloudiness and spending the substances.

Blue Haven Pools Servicing After A Party: How To Obvious Gloomy Water

To avoid this, it is important to check caffeine stages to find out what needs to be included before substances are included with regular water. It is a good principle to not add more substances on track water until stages are in the following ranges:

  • Cyanuric Acid: 25-50 ppm
  • pH: 7.2-7.6
  • Complete Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Calcium mineral Hardness: 200-400 ppm

Clean Pool Water

If your stages are within the appropriate varies, the next thing is to surprise your pool. This will destroy the rest of the viruses in the pool regular water. After surprising, be sure to hoover the end and ends of the pool as well, to ensure all waste is eliminated.

After the surprise, you might see more quality in regular water immediately-but it’s not time to stop cleaning yet. Analyze the stages of your regular water once more, and if they are still in the appropriate varies, you can continue to the next thing.


Once the Blue Haven Pools has been stunned and the stages are in range, the ultimate key to get rid of your pool regular water is to add a clarifier. Clarifiers are polymers that remove revoked contaminants in pool regular water. Clarifiers can only perform in specific regular water circumstances, so be sure to do as instructed carefully in order for them to operate at their full durability.

After finishing all of these actions, your regular water should be clear and cloud-free. In the future, cloudy regular water can be reduced or even avoided with the use of a narrow better and pool regular water protection substances.

Deck and Panel Specifications

Diving forums can only be set up on tangible. If you do not have a tangible outdoor patio to set up one on, the snorkeling board needs to at least be set up by your pool specialist on an added tangible pad of 4 ft x 8 ft x 6ft. For safety reasons, a snorkeling board cannot be set up on an above floor pool.

Diving forums also have weight boundaries. For most personal and some professional snorkeling forums, the highest possible weight restrict for a snorkeling board is 250 weight. However, some more powerful snorkeling forums can hold up to 400 weight.

The Price of a Diving Board

The snorkeling board itself will surely price somewhere from $300-$1,000, not such as set up, if your pool is already the appropriate size for a snorkeling board. If your pool does not fulfill the detail, size, and duration requirements of a snorkeling board, there will be a significant expense to rebuilding your pool to provide your snorkeling board.

To build a swimming pool area that is capable of snorkeling board set up, or to see if your pool satisfies the needs to securely set up a snorkeling board, book an assessment with us today. For more information on basic pool maintenance to keep your regular water fresh for the entire summer time, relate to our “Beginner’s Secrets and techniques for Blue Haven Pools Servicing.”