Redecorating is a major investment involving imagination, time and money. If you want to do it the proper way here are some tips.

Decorating your home is not an easy task and there are many things you have to take into consideration before you decide to attempt it on your own. The first time I tried was a complete disaster, therefore I’ll share with you my knowledge. There are actually a lot of steps you have to complete before you even get remotely close to some actual work, but neglecting them can result in total disaster. This means more money spend for nothing and no one wants that.

Change The Looks Of Your Home

Before You Start Make a Plan

So before you rush to the store for the equipment you think you’ll need relax and read the entire article. You can’t just pick up any paint and start redecorating, there is a big thinking before you undertake any action. You have to consider the furniture you have, are you going to replace it as well or just re-upholster it. If you’re wondering about this take a seat and think – try to imagine the whole picture the finished look of the room.

Is it going to be relaxed or something more imaginative. Just to help you a little the second time I decided to change the looks of my home I wanted a relaxing room so the theme was a forest. The walls were in shades of green and on one of them there was a big wall murals. On the floor the carpet war dark brown and orange so it resembled soil covered with leaves. I didn’t have to change the furniture because all of mine is wooden.

All I did is re-upholster it with leather, I also added some candles, some stones, sticks, herbarium and purchased more plants. That way the room really started to look like a forest, and I also made some air fresheners which smelled like tar, grass, fresh air all you need to relax after a hard day at the office. I almost forgot to tell you in order to really feel one with nature all the materials you use have to be green.

For example the rugs I bought are all made form natural fibres, the furniture as I said is wooden as is the flooring. The upholstery is genuine leather, the paint is Eco-friendly all in all I tried to use as less chemicals as possible. You’ll probably have many ideas so it is important to organise them and don’t start anything to which you don’t have a finished idea. Once you decide what exactly you want don’t add anything new because the result won’t be pleasant.

There is a way to manage everything on your own but I really don’t recommend it because if you mess up things it will be really hard to mend everything. I’ll give you just a few examples starting with the paint. Do you know what will happen if you spill paint on the wood floor and don’t clean it right away? It really is terrible, the same applies for the furniture and carpets. Therefore I recommend you hire the professionals.

It is enough you came up with the idea, leave the painting to the people who have done it for years. You should do this with the upholstery as well and make sure you contact cleaning company after the repairs. They’ll make sure the room looks just as you imagined it nice and clean.

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