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Boosting Your Electric Car

When you are looking to get the most out of each kilowatt-hour from your electric vehicle not only will you be saving your precious dollars, but also can occasionally save you from the inconvenience of running out of charge while on a trip. Some of the tricks for improving the fuel efficiency carries over from your conventional gasoline vehicles, but there are also many unique challenges that are posed by electric vehicles that the manual didn’t teach you about. When you are looking to get the best range out of each charge, it can vary from car to car, but here are few sure-fire tips from companies offering the best EV charging station installation in Burbank guaranteed to start improving your EV range today.

Learn to use different Driving Mode Settings

Almost every other modern electric vehicle allows you to change their performance to match your driving needs with just a quick push of a button. Some modes enable a greater performance at the cost of the battery range. Others allow you to maximize the battery range at the expensive of acceleration or speed aggressively to recapture energy. Try to learn more about these modes for your particular model and don’t shy away from an experiment.

Be Kind to Your Battery

With use over time, batteries in electric vehicles tend to degrade and start losing capacity and reducing the maximum driving range for each charge. It is found that batteries tend to retain about 75 per cent or more of their capacity for at least 4 years. But how quickly your battery’s capacity will deteriorate is highly dependent on how it is being used. Cars that tend to spend a lot of time parked outside in the sun experience a rapid battery deterioration than those kept in moderate climates.

Go Easy on the Accelerator

It should come as no surprise to anyone that gradual acceleration from a stop is far more efficient for an electric vehicle than straight away “flooring it.” For many people, this effect will be most pronounced in city traffic, while others will see it more during an aggressive highway drive.

It is natural for us to drive less efficiently when we are running late, even though it tends to save much less time than we actually think it does. According to one study, it is found that aggressive driving for about 30 minutes saves an average of just one minute of the total travel time.


Although one of the major benefits of an all-electric vehicle is their relative lack of maintenance demands. However, simple things like tire inflation, checking fluid levels and replacing the air filters can extend your battery’s range by several miles per charge. If you find your car to be constantly running out of juice it is wise to seek help from Affordable Commercial services in Burbank offering full maintenance of your EV.