Are you in search of a moisturizer that suits your skin? Most of the people complain they can’t find a moisturizer because they have sensitive skin. It is scary, testing a new product, as you don’t know how it will react on your skin.

All You Need To Know About Moisturizers

Every skin type needs a different type of a moisturizer. Proper moisturizing forms a protective layer between your skin and the environment. This helps the skin to retain its moisture.

  • Shop the best that suits your skin:

Every skin needs moisturizing but the dry skin finds the maximum benefits as it lacks in having the proper moisture content that may lead to early age wrinkles. There are two forms of moisturiser, firstly liquid and secondly cream. The creamy, liquid moisturizers are the best option for dry skin, as they provide the moisture content that has been lacking in the skin. But the same moisturizer may not work for an oily or acne prone skin because oily skin already has a lot of moisture content available to hydrate the skin cells. So if we talk about oily skin what type of moisturizer will help? Water-based moisturizers work fine with the oily, acne prone skin. Herbal Moisturizers may also help because they not only protects the skin but also evaporates the excess moisture present in the skin cells.

  • When to apply Moisturizer:

Generally, moisturizers are applied after getting a shower or cleansing your face. Make sure you apply the moisturizer when your skin is moist, or it will slide off. Apart from the general application, it is even applied before applying the make-up. This helps in building a protective base and the make-up blends easily with the skin. It even makes the makeup last longer.

  • What is the perfect quantity of moisturizer that can be applied?

As such, there is no perfect measurement of how much moisturizer is needed to retain the moisture of your skin. It varies widely on the skin type. Dry skin may need a good quantity of moisturizer, whereas, an oily skin will be fine in little less.

  • Right way to apply Moisturizer:

Your skin may show signs of aging and it may sag. This may pull your skin downwards, and the wrinkles may form. To overcome this problem, many of the skin experts advice to apply moisturizer giving your skin an upward stroke. Just doing this may not be enough to reduce the signs of aging, but it may help you considerably.A gentle massage lifting your skin in the upward direction can improve the blood circulation, reducing the puffiness, leaving you with an assurance that your skin has absorbed the right amount of moisture content that it needed.

Remember, whenever you apply the moisturizer, do not forget to apply on the neck and hands. Experts say, using the same product on the exposed areas of the skin reduces the signs of aging.

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