Due to a fierce competition in the business world where the fight goes for each customer, many companies have to place greater emphasis on customer relationships management, defining two main objectives for their businesses: how to avoid losing the existing clients and how to attract new customers for a clients’ database enlargement. Trendsetting IT technologies, like bpm’online, developed a cloud-based CRM, an astonishing SaaS (software as a service) solution, which is meant to help enterprises reach their goals. In what way, you may ask. Let us provide insight into advantages of web CRM.

Cloud-based CRM – A Must-have Tool For Any Company

Cloud-based CRM to Master Information

An uninitiated user thinks that any cloud-based CRM can only keep tabs on your clients’ information. But bpm’online CRM is intended to:

  • Manage all your communications with customers across various communication channels
  • Track at what stage of the sales pipeline your leads are
  • Determine the tasks to achieve your business goals
  • Perform control over effectiveness of any representative and department
  • Develop personal commercial proposals and send them to targeted audiences or customers
  • Set up schedules for meetings and deals
  • Integrate with social services such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Monitor transactions and history of communication with customers

Powerful and multifunctional cloud-based CRM like https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/cloud-crm is a system, in which sales representatives handle bulk information without a slightest effort as all business processes run automatically with usage of cloud software. Consequently, a sales team demonstrates all-time high productiveness and efficiency, as they now are able to do much more work at reduced time as a comprehensive view on every client is well sorted and clearly presented.

Bpm’online’s big edge is that its customer does not have to invest on a separate IT infrastructure or purchase a server. You just pay for a monthly service subscription and get a ready-made IT solution in your browser. An up-to-date cloud-based CRM is convenient for remote usage: a rep does not have to be at their workplace in order to leverage the CRM or add important data into a customer’s profile, as cloud-based software is compatible with mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

Cloud-based CRM to Achieve Impressive Business Results

High-end cloud-based CRM proved to be effective in following:

  • Activity systematization of all departments of an enterprise, which are involved into customer relations. The employees are able to segment clients in accordance with different criteria (profitability, financial behavior, individual preferences), register deals, plan and run promotional campaigns. As a result, clients’ loyalty increases prominently, as intelligent CRM keeps entire history of communication with each client.
  • You can significantly beat your sales quota in record time. Bpm’online’s solution makes it possible to cover the whole scope of cooperation with clients from data storage to ongoing account maintenance. Such a multifaceted approach drastically increases the speed of clients’ demands processing and thus promotes growing of volume of deals successfully closed.
  • Labor contribution on commercial campaigns planning and conducting is reduced by no less than 20%, which enables the sales team to process more leads and convert them into regular customers.

Cloud-based CRM – A Must-have Tool For Any Company

Cloud-based CRM to Automate a Client Database

Premium automation solutions vendors have developed CRM systems for companies to know their clients a little better and fulfill their wishes. Bpm’online SaaS services make it possible to:

  • Create and handle an expanded client database, where detailed information on every contact is stored in customers’ profiles. If necessary, a profile can be added with various custom fields. This decision improves efficiency of  the sales efforts by 30%;
  • Store an entire history of interaction with each client – information on calls, tickets, negotiations results, statistics on emails and follow-ups, documents processed and contracts issued. Moreover, customers are automatically informed about new sales, personal offers, new presentations, events and discounts;
  • Assign your marketers and representatives with tasks, allocating responsibility in order of importance and profitability;
  • Structure a sales funnel, segmenting interrelations with a clients into certain stages and get a full picture at what stage clients are lost;
  • Analyze performance of every employee from a perspective of total revenue down to the number of emails sent and calls made.

Any client-oriented company cannot do well without a proper cloud-based CRM as this is the only IT service, which allows to manage customer relationships, carry out a fruitful work with leads, control reciprocal payments and increase overall performance of each individual employee and a team overall.