Wealth and fame beckon almost all. But it requires a lot of resolve and stance. Therefore, very few are eventually successful and those who have an altogether different emotional setup. To succeed in any business you not only require slogging and having patience but, most importantly, it is intelligent labor coupled with the right marketing psychology.

In this current world of consumerism, marketing and psychology go hand in hand. In fact, ask any marketing pundit about the best way to launch or retail a product or service in the bazaar and he would definitely point to marketing psychology before anything else. Marketing psychology assumes importance from the fact that sweat alone does not bring success, but it requires one to understand and stimulate the emotions of his potential customers before venturing out to trade any product or service.

Psychology and Practice

Discussing marketing psychology may be effortless, but putting it into practice is quite a cumbersome task. The initiative includes a number of vital aspects that need to be taken into account even before stepping into the competitive marketing arena. What you must always keep in mind is that if your consumer finds it inopportune to buy from you or you cannot meet their needs with the items they are in quest of; never ever try to dupe them by forcing them to purchase something that does not meet their requirements. This may not only make you lose the sale but also eventually put you in the peril of killing a future association with the client and lose his confidence.

If you understand the psychology of the clients and marketing, you should always trade with your consumers only by acquiring their reliance and developing a mutual rapport with them. At the same time, you also need to be straightforward in all your dealings and only aim at fulfilling customer satisfaction. Therefore, before you set your foot in the marketing arena, you should set your goals, aims, and priorities. It is necessary that while planning the market strategies one merges the appealing ideas of various people and companies.

Understanding the Human Nature

Understanding the human nature is the most important factor for success in any business, as it helps the company in improving its marketing strategies. One should be familiar with the likes and dislikes of people and their emotions too. A successful marketing executive is the one who understands human emotions and deals accordingly.

A healthy and trustable relationship between the customers and the companies helps to operate the business with great smoothness. It is a fact that people purchase anything not only for their need but also for the satisfaction of their desires. Human psychology, thus, plays a vital role in marketing.

Marketing psychology can be basically defined as the understanding of human nature, their emotions as well as their logic. Marketing is not at all possible without the understanding of human psychology. Hence, marketing and human psychology go hand in hand. And thus, it proves to be a unique combination to operate any business with greater smoothness.

Mind Games

According to many written research papers as well as conducted survey, most of the people purchase articles according to their desires and not purely on requirements. Thus, it can be well said that people are too emotional. For instance, after watching an alluring teeth whitening product advertisement on the television, suddenly a thought strikes in our mind to purchase the product. In fact, it is true that our teeth should always be white and shining. And for this, we brush our teeth every day and take care of them too. But most people do not pay so much attention to it and are content with brushing them alone. Hence, after watching the teeth whitening product advertisement on television, we often realize that the product brings shine to our teeth, protects them and gums from decay and also makes our lips look more pink and beautiful. It suddenly dawns upon us that the product offers various benefits and we immediately plan to purchase it, thinking that it would be of great use.

We all know that the reason behind a beautiful smile is “the beautiful white and shining teeth”. It is a fact that a beautiful smile is one of the vital as well as most attractive things that each and every one wishes to have. Let us consider a case. Whenever a boy meets a girl, the first thing, which attracts him, is definitely a “beautiful smile”. Considering that most of the girls are beautiful, a girl with a beautiful smile is liked more. Thus, it is true that a girl with a beautiful smile is preferred the most and we know that a beautiful smile is only possible if teeth are white and shining.

Sending the Right Message

As it is said earlier that human being is too emotional and would purchase anything whether needed or not. A person would buy this teeth whitening product not only for the benefit of his teeth or for the matter that he cares for his teeth, but also because it would make him more attractive. Everyone wishes to look more beautiful and attractive and hence it is possible that most people would purchase it only for this reason alone – forget the benefits of the teeth.

While it is true that people often make purchases guided by their emotions, rather than their needs, you must also remember that you need to pay attention to your customers and their concerns. If you are a salesperson you should bear in mind the basic aspects of the human nature. Since nobody wants force sales and hence you must be careful that the consumer does not get the feeling that you are thrusting something upon him. Instead, you should lure him by using phrases like “Good Bargain” or “Exclusive Promotional Sale” to satisfy the customer’s sentiments.

The trouble is that most salespersons often fail to succeed not because they do not have the panache to sell, but because they forget the basics of human nature and fall short of satisfying the customers’ emotions. Here marketing psychology assumes a vital role. Try to adhere to the psychology of your customers and you will find success embracing you.

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