System crashing is the common problem face by Windows user frequently; unfortunately the user can’t handle this instantly. Several Windows user reported that the “windows crash after display the blue screen” this is the mostly occur error. Although this is not a bug, but the Microsoft has through the light on Blue Screen problem and what to do read here.

The crashes of an Operating System is the biggest reason of Hard disk crashes, and the data lost, if only OS crashed and the hard disk is safe then you are lucky, otherwise you lost your lifetime achievement because of important files and folder destroyed in the crash.

If you are the Windows based mobile phone lover and using Windows phone then your data needs extra care, the crashes of windows system files, not only remove Photo, files, or folder, but also delete or fully removed the Apps that you installed in your mobile, and you have to reinstall all, or take the window back up through the genuine software and I personally recommend only genuine PC data Backup tools for this task.

We are lucky that we live in a hi-tech world, where the technology has the answer punch for most all problems, the technology give us the way to re-store PC data, files, or folder, even now we can store the Apps, that we lost in last crashing.

Windows Crash – Reason and Precaution

No doubts that the handle of the machine crashing or hard disk crashing are not easy as read the ABCD in school, in many cases the user have not more way to stop the crashing at that, but if we follow few basic precautions and keep the hawk eyes on our system, then it can eliminate the Windows / PC crashes. The top five reasons and what to do list given below.

The Memory or Motherboard Issue

The biggest reason of occur the Blue Screen or just Death of the System, the issue in memory or the motherboard can lead to Fatal Exception Error, and because the data could not retrieve from the memory and it can force the OS to search the systems files, and as the result the system files crash, in front of your eyes, and you can’t rescue it instantly, if you switch of the power then too can’t prevent Windows.

We have to check the memory, and motherboard health on a particular duration of time can prevent from this error such as the checking of the BIOS Settings can be safe guard.  Actually, the PC manufacture sets default setting that widely compatible and the change in setting can disorder of system booting files and of course it can confuse the system and lead to a critical situation.

Another unbelievable reason is booting files order, many times we forget to pull out the USB or CD/DVD in the drive, and just starts the machine, and if we choose Boot from USB or CD in setting, the machine will search boot files on USB/CD, and if it is not bootable, you can think what can occur next.

Registry Problem

The incorrect entry in registry value field stops it from work properly, even it can cause of a computer crash or may stop the machine from booting properly, either we have to use windows utility to check the registry or the registry fix software can solve this problem easily.

Unsupported Drivers

Yes, these drivers also can drive the files on the wrong way, and the accidently crash of windows is the result, nobody bid on the physical disable horse in race, then why you? The incorrect drivers are the same that can destroy any operating system even the hardware in perfect condition, but the drivers can send wrong instructions, and next is Hard disk or PC crash. Just use the hawk easy and clean your PC or mobile before it cleans your data, uninstall the software and drivers that are no need more.

Hard disk Failure

A hard disk failure is the most common as well as the leading cause of the occurrences of Boot issues. The Hard drive failures often occur when the BIOS are configured perfectly, but the boot drive not findable, this can the strong reason behind the crashes. Check your hard drive on another machine by using check hard disk utility with Windows; if it is crashed you can use PC backup tools to backup the data.

Trojan or other Virus Attack

Trojan a stronger virus that has series can cause of crashes, not only Trojan but here are several viruses that have capability to crash windows operating system fully, they can corrupt the drivers, or remove drivers supporting files so that it stops the work, also have the power to use system administrative setting. Use authentic and updated antivirus and malware to prevent your machine from virus attacks.