This present day, social medias take a massive position inside worldwide population. China is the biggest country where on-line structures’ attractively is the main. Indeed, chinese consumers are increasingly related and so they spend routinely on the net to find knowledge. They wish to have new traits and traits, merchandise tailored to their expectations, promotions and offers. Furthermore, they decide on utilizing their smartphone to browser their favorite platform.

Then, chinese language customers are keen on entertaining social medias present them. That’s why, chinese language platforms is still innovating and creating new elements to be able to fulfill users with further authenticity.

At present, social media which can be making out in China are Wechat and Weibo.

Social Media In China , Same But Different

Social Networks Area:

Wechat holds over 600 million of registered account and 400 million of active users monthly. That’s the main message cell app in China. It really works in “One-to-One”, a confidential and focused side on users’ group.

The famous platform have many features. It permits organizations to promote their manufacturer by way of developing account, with the intention to penetrate the chinese market. The “Wechat pockets” perform encourage customers to buy on-line thanks to Wechat payment. The app is still innovating. Considering last April, customers have the likelihood to use Wechat city services city which enables customers to ebook movements or pay costs.

Weibo is the biggest miccroblogging plaform in China where users put up, share, and comment on a public web page. Furthermore, contents, movies, graphics posted, attain a higher audience than on Wechat.

Networks’ producers want their systems to be part of chinese users’ day-to-day existence

Manufacturers, leaders or celebrities don’t hesitate to take skills of social medias to buzz, promote campaigns, and expose their brands to purchasers who want interesting.

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Dunhill London 

The British luxurious company use chinese language zodiac signs to launch new collection and entice chinese purchasers. A brief film was once released on networks and we will see the brand fashion designer with a pink monkey approaching Shanghai in an effort to have a good time the brand new yr. Utilizing cultural signs broaden relationships between brands and customers.

Ermenegildo Zegna

The famous Italian brand is with chinese language figure in the course of the Milan fashion Week, Li Chen, good recognized chinese language actor boosted among chinese patron. Indeed, we can see clothier’s graphics on Social Networks.


The company uses add and story-telling instrument as a way to expand e-popularity on social networks. The goal is to understand a film with the aid of including an off-voice telling story alongside the add. Here, the advert produces a dad’s history telling by means of his baby. That offers a extra intimate and relocating side to draw family’s dads.


The distinguished global manufacturer obtained it, originality may be very fundamental to attract chinese language customers. Apple launched a crusade by offering red watch during the chinese language New year, which brought an strong success.

Wuling Liquor

The noted chinese language liquor company introduced an active curiosity among chinese language population. Certainly, the brand invited two figures Du lei, a famous bloggeur and Ji Zhonghsan a gigantic businessman. Portraits had been published on social Medias and brought extra followers who love the both opinion leaders.


The British luxurious manufacturer launched crusade dedicated to the chinese New year. Surely, it provided grants to customers who opened or switched off the present on their smartphone, with a view to win restricted edition products. Also, the company used the Wechat app “Hongbao”. Customers might ship offers to their acquaintances and households through the platform. That could be a very potent tool to attract chinese patrons very fond of luxurious goods.


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