To be able to achieve any amount of significant weight loss it may very well be enough to adjust our dietary intake and cut off the most pernicious food stuffs we crave. However, if we also introduce a component of exercise and physical training, the health and fitness benefits will be much more substantial.

There are certain exercises that are able to provide us with a series of benefits when it comes to weight loss that everyone should participate in, regardless of age. These super exercises are, generally speaking, those that involve the activation of large muscle groups and that require us to move more and therefore activate a cardiovascular and aerobic benefit.

Just as not all exercises are created equal and not all weight loss is created equal. The first thing to point out is that losing weight is not the same thing as losing fat, even though it is commonly confused as  being equal.

A person’s body mass, including bone, muscle, organs, ligaments, cartilage, and fat, constitutes as their total body weight.

Therefore, when we refer to weight loss we are talking about losing both fat and muscle, since losing the other tissues is virtually impossible barring a catastrophic accident. Additionally, if muscle mass loss becomes too great or if it happens over a prolonged period of time, serious health issues may arise. This is why exercise and physical training is crucial to a proper weight loss plan. It is there to promote muscle mass growth as the body loses fat.

Nevertheless, by cutting down on body fat our body is primed to undergo a transformation that is guaranteed to generate significant health and fitness benefits such as better cardiovascular health, lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of cancer, and even a better sex life.

Within the plethora of existing types of physical activity one stands out from the rest for being incredibly effective at inducing rapid fat loss and promoting a substantial increase in strength, flexibility, and endurance. I am talking about Thailand’s Muay Thai. Thai boxing as it is also known is a sport combat discipline that involves rapid striking with punches, knees, and kicks. It is fast, fund and dynamic beyond imagination. With Muay Thai, no two training sessions are ever the same.

Thailand has graciously set up an outstanding and brilliant systems where students, athletes, and enthusiasts from all over the world can visit the country and learn Muay Thai in one tightly run training camp. These camps are found all over Thailand and they offer knowledgeable staff and the latest training equipment so that anyone can become a top-tier fighter in little time. The typical Muay Thai training camp at offers their students packages that include full amenities such as room and board plus dietary plans and nutritional advice. The sport’s best trainers will make sure that your effort is not wasted. By the time you are done your health and fitness levels will be better than ever.

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