When planning to watch a movie with your extended family at PVR Panjagutta, Hyderabad, you need not worry about expensive ticket prices anymore. Paytm brings a variety of discounts, cashback offers, coupons and deals that makes ticket buying more affordable.

Enjoy Special Deals and Cashback Offers With PVR Panjagutta Hyderbad Ticket Booking At Paytm

Located in a Premium Area

The address of PVR Panjagutta Hyderabad is very simple and one can reach here without any trouble. It is situated at the 5th Floor of Hyderabad Central Mall, Panjagutta Cross Road. Since this theatre is located in a shopping mall, the footfall of movie revellers is very high. People love to club, shopping, movie-watching and fine dining and make the most of their day. Also, there are many people who decide to watch a movie just on a whim and get their tickets booked immediately using online platforms.

Why Paytm for Online Ticket Booking?

Paytm not only makes the whole process of PVR Panjagutta Hyderabad ticket booking convenient, but also makes it extremely pleasing, with the help of promo codes, cash back offers and discount coupons. For each and every ticket booked on Paytm by the customer, the company offers discount coupons, discounts and amazing deals to the customers from the leading food joints and reputed retailers. The amount of the coupons is equivalent to the ticket amount of the customer in some cases. The coupons are delivered either on their mobile phones (inbox) or even at their doorstep. These amazing coupons can be used by the customers to save a lot of money when they eat out, pick books, groceries, music, go for gaming, shop online, book their travel tickets, go to a salon, watch movies and live a gratifying life. Further, the company is planning to offer free discount coupons from more multiplexes, restaurants, grocery and apparel stores so that the customers can save more with Paytm. Basically, your every transaction is practically free – you get the same value offers, rewards, and benefits.

Easy to use Platform

It is very easy to book movie tickets using this platform. One just need to open the app, select movies in preferred location, check show times, select date and time of movie and click. The screen shows vacant seats and customers can select the seats of their choice. The entire ticket booking experience is amazing. There is no hassle and anyone can book a ticket. Using this platform helps you save a lot of time, money and effort that goes into the activity.

Comprehensive Payment Gateways

Paytm offers its customers a complete and broad list of payment options such as debit card, credit card, ATM card, net banking, from all the major banks. It is totally safe and secure. The platform keeps your personal details safe. In fact, one can use his Paytm wallet to make the transaction which makes things further easier for the users.

A large number of people users trust and rely on Paytm for their online movie ticket booking. Get started with Paytm now and make your movie watching experience awesome.