When you live in London, life can be stressful. Work and commuting take up all your time, while renting takes up all your money. The friends you value most are equally busy and making the time to catch up with them is difficult. It leaves you feeling burned out, isolated and exhausted.

Today we’re taking a look a few services this city offers that can make your lifer a little less stressful, cheaper or better, whether they offer a complete change to your routine or a one off indulgence when you need someone else to take the strain for a bit!

Moving House

This is one of the most stressful things that can happen in London life, and it happens unfortunately regularly. It doesn’t just mean the extra work of searching for a new home and dealing with the estate agents, landlords and existing housemates you need to make that happen. It also means sleepless nights, stress and worry. If you don’t find somewhere to live on time you’ll be left on the pavement with all your possessions scattered around you, and nowhere safe to keep them.

Try looking into the storage London has to offer. Knowing there’s a local storage company you can transfer your belongings into if the worst happens means you’ll be free to stay with friends or family until you can find a new home, and cut down the stress of having to find a new home in a hurry.

Lunching Well

Striking a balance with food is difficult at the best of times. Buying lunch at work is expensive and hard to budget for: by definition you’ll be shopping while you’re hungry!

Bringing a packed lunch is often a difficulty too. All too regularly these have been unwrapped and eaten by half eleven, leaving someone who thought they were being highly organised and frugal to buy themselves a second (late) lunch in the afternoon.

Some new services are springing up that let you buy lunch in advance for a small fee. This not only saves you money, it lets you plan your meals in advance and set a specific time for pick up, so you can’t binge early and have to work through until your designated lunchtime.

Washing Up

Cleaning both your clothes and your flat is time consuming and dispiriting: it’s never done, and you have to put in a lot of effort to simply maintain the status quo.

At least for busy weeks, try outsourcing this stress. Find a local dry cleaner or launderette who can do a service wash for you, and even consider getting a cleaner in to keep things sparkling. This will relieve your stress and let you focus on your work, personal projects or whatever else is keeping you busy.


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