When it comes to learning musical instruments, there are some myths that we should try to dispel. Here are some of them

I don’t have real musical instrument at home, I won’t get really good

Even if we have a low-end musical instrument, instead of the fully-featured one owned by professionals; it is still possible to learn much. We should be able to learn more about adjusting tone and sound. Many people are able to find a lot of experience and enjoyment even with cheap instrument at home.

Spending so much time practicing doesn’t guarantee good results

One thing that we should consider is that people are learning musical instruments at different pace. Music skills require specific kind of intelligence and some people could have a natural head start compared to others. If have limited progress, we shouldn’t feel disempowered and frustrated. By uncovering unconscious patterns, we should be able to practice with much more clarity and creativity.

Regular musical instrument practicing is obviously impossible with my busy schedule

Dealing with schedule is often the first things that many new learners need to deal with. It is a fact that learning to master musical instruments requires long-term practices. It is important to make a list of possible distractions that may hamper our learning session. We should be able to allocate enough time for our practices and our learning progress could shift immediately into the fast lane.

I’m a complete newbie, I don’t need to be taught by a musical instrument master

In reality, very experienced instructors could have the biggest impact on beginners. They will be able to develop more creativity and better foundation. New learners often need to take on more difficult challenges and it is important for them to be guided by really accomplished individuals. In this case, they should be able to improvise on how to learn musical instruments. Good teachers are able to broaden our view.

I’m too old to learn

There are retirees who learn to play their first musical instruments and they are doing really well! It is a complete nonsense that we should learn playing from a very young age. In general, regardless of our age, musical instruments are able to enrich our lives.

Musical training is expensive

Compared to gym membership and skiing instructions, musical instrument sessions are actually a good value. We could feel much more alive when we are able to play our first tune. From an academic standpoint, this could be equal to learning mathematics or foreign languages. In this case, we should be able to further our personal developments. Our newfound creativity could eventually spill over into other areas of our lives.

It’s no use, I don’t have musical background

Musical skill isn’t passed down genetically. It is possible for people to become musical masters, although they have music-phone parents. Beginners should be able to access their creativity by approaching composition study. In this case, we won’t overwhelm our creative impulses.

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