Are you afraid for the safety of your child who uses an iPhone? Have you come upon an employee talking about your company on his iPhone to somebody he should not be talking to? The advanced and innovative techniques used in smartphones have developed iPhone spy apps and iPhone spy software that provide the ability to people to spy on the target mobile and the activities that for  which the mobile is used.

iPhone Spy Apps Review

Let us have a look at the features of an iPhone spy software:

  • SMS logging
  • Logging of incoming and ougoing calls
  • Keeps watch on the you tube videos accessed along with the links to the videos
  • Keeps track of the web activity of the target iPhone device.
  • Track of the pictures clicked with the device
  • Keeping track of the incoming and outgoing emails
  • Keeps a watch on the applications installed
  • Can remotely block the installation of certain appps
  • Tracking activities on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Location log of the device at specific time intervals

Following are the reviews for the best iPhone spy software which you can refer to before deciding on a software for your iPhone:

mSpy as iPhone spy software: According to the statistics mSpy is the most favoured and ruling iPhone spy software. And why not as it provides the person spying with unique and unparalleled features along with ease of use. Features of mSpy has all the above common benefits but the following features makes this app stand above the rest:

  • if your target device is an Apple iPhone, this is the best app for you as it comes with a no jailbreaking feature
  • It has the keylogging feature which enables the person spying to keep a track of every key pressed by the person using the target phone.
  • Full and complete access to the pictures, videos and other such multimedia on the raget phone.

The spy app is available at a affordable subscription with options where one can use it for multiple devices. Also the customer support system is applaudable.

MobileSpy for iPhone spy software:

Mobilespy for iPhone spy software is a famous name in the spy app industry. Along with the regular and common features of a normal iPhone spy app which include call and messsages monitoring, is the enabling of access to the deleted information of the target iPhone as well. This app also boosts of an unmatched customer service support .

iKeymonitor as iPhone spy app free demo version:

The iKeymonitor app is a software which has an iphone spy app free demo version availability. The main features of this software are as same as the other iPhone spy apps available in the market. The specialty of this app is that you can benefit from the iPhone spy free demo version and make sure if the app is to your liking and the type of iPhone spy app you are planning to buy.

There are innumerable types of iPhone spy apps available in the market. It is vital to know their features properly before choosing one.