There are reasons why we have more serious cases of fatigue.

7 Reasons We Are Have Fatigue

  1. Dehydration: Our body normally contains about 70 percent water and we lose some amount of it through urination, breathing and sweating. It means that we should try to regularly replenish water supply in our body. If we are feeling thirsty, it means that we are entering the first stage of dehydration. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water, so we can maintain proper body functions.
  2. Stress: There’s no way we can avoid stress and it is a common part in our daily lifestyle. We experience stress at home, work and school. In this case, we should try to reduce stress whenever we can. Stress at a small amount can actually motivate us to do better. We will be able to make changes and work harder. However, excessive amount of stress can deplete the energy reserves of our body. Stress management techniques, exercise, massage therapy, meditation and yoga can reduce stress, while relaxing our mind and body.
  3. Depression: Many people are experiencing symptoms of depression. This can happen when we feel the overwhelming loneliness and sadness in our lives. Depression is a common psychological disorder and can be manifested in many ways, including loss of appetite, lack of motivation, headaches, impaired concentration and fatigue. We may need to see a psychiatrist to diagnose causes of depression and he will prescribe a medication for us.
  4. Boredom: Eventually, things around can look uninteresting, tedious and dull. This could happen during a period of long inactivity. This causes decreased metabolism and our autonomous nervous system could slow down. Our organs will cease too function. Fatigue could happen when our body becomes much less active. If we feel bored, it is a good idea to get entertained by watching TV or browsing the web. We should also learn to appreciate small things.
  5. Cold and flu: Cold and flu viruses can easily penetrate our immune system. It means that our body can be more susceptible to illness. Viruses, bacteria and infection can drain our body. We should take all our vitamins, preferably on a daily basis. To avoid having cold and flu, we should thoroughly wash our hands and drink a lot of fluids. We need to get enough rest, so our immune system can be stronger.
  6. Caffeine: Caffeine can help us boost energy levels, but it could have an opposite effect. If we consume it often, we can have increased blood pressure and heart rate. It means that our body can have increased jitteriness. We should avoid working overtime, because it could mean that we will depend more on caffeine to keep us alert.
  7. Allergies: Allergies can cause fatigue on more serious cases. In this case, we should detect food that can trigger allergies and we should eliminate it. We could experiment by bringing the food back into our diet. If our body doesn’t respond well to this, we may need to avoid the food permanently.
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