If you have an upcoming vacation, it is ideal to know the city before you head off for the journey. Chances are your idea about the city might be a little vague. Use the web to find out the best mode to reach Mumbai, flights from Goa to Mumbai schedule, Mumbai packages, etc. Read further as given below is a small introduction of Mumbai city.

If you believe Mumbai is highly popular because it’s the entertainment centre and the commercial capital of India? If so, then your idea of Mumbai is pretty vague. Although the facts are true, but there is certainly more that needs to explored and understood. And, once you begin understanding the facts, you cannot stop yourself from preparing for a trip to the bustling city. It is needless to mention, that Mumbai is home to a large and diverse array of tourist sights. Plus, to complement tourism there is the pleasant weather. In regards to geographic location and the exquisiteness of city, the Konkan Coast is its edge where the pleasant coastal wind from the vast Arabian Sea creates a setting that is dynamic and fun. It is possible to experience the same more in the area of the shores. It is perfectly right to state that while the bustling commercial centres are the source of life, whereas the shores are the places where the soul of the city lies.  

It is quite easy to access Mumbai. Particularly the rise in the popularity of low cost flights has hugely impacted the way one travels to Mumbai. There are regular flights from all major cities serving Mumbai airports. You can get all the information like Delhi to Mumbai flights, flights from Goa to Mumbai schedule, how to book cheap flights, etc. on the web.   

Over time, Mumbai was reckoned and rebuilt by different rulers and empires, and therefore it is among the most historic cities in the nation. It has a great history that starts from the region being a cluster of small islands to Portuguese giving it as a dowry to British to it playing a major role in India’s fight for freedom and finally, to becoming the most important commerce hub in the country. While the days are busy and full of action here, the nighttime is bustling with life! The city has everything concerning modern luxury, thus the luxury seekers are going to have a great time here.

Eateries in Mumbai are the tourists’ joy; one can savor international cuisines along with the genuine Indian meal. Mumbaikars are big time food fans and in addition they believe that if one hasn’t yet gulped down the street foods that are spicy and hot, he hasn’t enjoyed the true flavors of the city. From spices drenched food to the low calorie cuisines at swanky eateries, the city has it all. The Shawarma Stand, Bakery and Store, Bombay Baking, Ideal Restaurant and Brownie Cottage are to name some of the most respected eateries in Mumbai.

Mumbai offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle and a diversified custom. The city is rich in theater and art performances in different languages that range from English, Hindi, Marathi and other regional languages. Many believe that Mumbai is the birthplace for Indian theater. If you are a grown up and have some leisure time, visiting a theater and watching the performance is an ideal thing to do.   

Cricket is followed like a religion here. Two well-known stadiums you can visit and watch players practice are Wankhede Stadium and the Brabourne Stadium. Besides, derby and football are broadly followed by the devotees in Mumbai.

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