In the Christmas season a very close competition was going on among the developers of apps in the market. Every company was trying their best to produce more apps in the market and make them popular, so that people download them in the Christmas season. It has increased the market cost of these apps to 30% more in the month of November. The marketing cost was $1.06 for an app which increased to $1.38 in the month of November.

Downloading appsThe 200 free apps which stay at the top for the users of tablets, iPads and mobile handsets, were downloaded steadily in the month of October this year. 5.4 million Apps were downloaded actually. However, in the month of November it declined to 4.57 million. Well, this decline was just temporary for a month.

In the next month because of the new model launched by iPhone and being a festive season of Christmas, the amount of downloading apps increased rapidly. People were busy downloading new apps for their new gadget. Some people were also downloading old favorite apps in their new gadget to enjoy the old wine in new bottle.

Fisku, the CEO of Micah Adler said, “It is expected that the volume of downloading apps and the cost of it will increase in the month of December, likewise it happened in the last year. Actually the developers of these apps are trying their best to prepare best apps now as more and more new devices are sold in this festive season, and people add more apps in their new purchased gadgets.”

Christmas day is no doubt a very special day for downloading the apps. As on that very day 328 million apps were downloaded. This is no doubt an amazing figure. It is actually a record. The number of downloading started increasing from 11 a.m. and it continued till 9 p.m. It was undoubtedly a huge peak on a single day.

According to Fisku this rise of downloading apps will continue in some of the next weeks also. The festive season is still going on and more devices will be sold in this time. Eventually it will increase the amount of apps downloaded. On the day of the New Year it can again get a single day hike. It is expected that the number of apps downloaded will increase up to 2 billion which was 1.5 billion in the last year.

With the launch of more and more devices like tablets, smart phones and iPads the popularity of apps is increasing day by day. The developers of apps are getting more chances to optimize their ways to get new users. 63 billion actions of apps have been accumulated which includes in-app purchases, registrations, launches and real time bidding etc.

One thing can be assured that in future years the amount of downloading apps will increase rapidly because of the more devices launched. This will make the developers of the new apps extremely happy as more launching of these devices will ensure the more apps to be downloaded.

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