People can cheer up now as the newest version of Internet Explorer 10 has been launched by Microsoft. It is now available to the whole world connecting the personal computers which runs on Windows 7.

The Internet Explorer 10 is a redesigned browser which has made its debut when Windows 8 was released last month by Microsoft. Windows 8 made a dramatic change to all the operating systems which powered the personal computers for decades.

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7The new Explorer 10 does not support XP, Vista or other previous versions of windows but it runs completely flawless on Windows 7. The Internet Explorer 10 was initially introduced on Tuesday to all the users of Windows 7 in a test mode or preview mode.

A vast audience is now enjoying the features and the newly launched Internet Explorer 10. Though Microsoft is thinking of making Windows 8 reliable to all, but still the people using Windows 7 is much way larger compared to the users of Windows 8.

The Microsoft Cooperation spoke that the number of users using Windows 8 is now far less than the users of Windows 7. Since Windows 7 was launched in 2009, it has over 670 million customers throughout the world.

The Microsoft Cooperation has been expecting that the number of user for Windows 8 will crawl up this far by 2014 following the analysis. To reach that level of its usage would take some time.

The new browser has been already installed in the Windows 8 systems that are being sold now but the users of the older versions should download it to use it. The current desktops, tablets and laptops that are being sold with Windows 8 on them also have IE 10 install on it.

With its variety of features, Internet Explorer 10 can access the web more smoothly and quickly than its predecessors. Microsoft has mainly designed the IE 10 to make it use on the latest tablets and on other certain personal computers that are touch screen.

The IE 10 makes the online service more of a kind of dynamic and compelling. The hope of Microsoft is that to make the IE 10 available to each and every person possible using Windows 7.

Speaking of the IE 10, Ryan Gavin, the manager of Microsoft said,” We are expecting to sell machines operating on Windows 8 next year so that the usage of Internet Explorer 10 becomes frequent among the people.”

The main purpose served by the Internet Explorer 10 is that it makes the search easy and without any glitch it access to the services provided online. It makes the surfing enjoyable and can be accessed from any device supporting Windows 7.

Microsoft has realized that the goal to set the Explorer in all markets will require time and patience. It might take years to boast the Windows 8 operating system into mobile devices so that IE 10 can be easily accessed. Hoping for the best Microsoft has made an essential turn in web browsing through the launch of Internet Explorer 10.

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