The raw processing software from DxO has been offering service for more than a decade. So it naturally gives us an irritation to see that the Lightroom has taken the market on its own in these recent years.

The new Optics Pro Standard of version 8 offers incredibly a raw processing engine that holds more than its own. Two versions are available now: Elite and the Standard. Both are comparatively similar except for the fact that Elite requires to process more of the up markets raw files of the camera.

The new DxO is more equipped with the knowledge of more cameras and also about the lenses. It includes profiles of a huge variety of lenses of more than 10,000. It also has the combination of the body parts and with its growing features it comes to a lot of help.

The Optics Pro automatically corrects the lens distortion, vignetting and the variations of the camera and can process both the raw as well as JPEG images.

Lightroom too has the similar feature with lens profile but it is only limited to distortion and there is also fewer number of files in JPEG than Optics Pro.

This is of great significance which should be taken care of. These factors are being backed up by the Optics Pro and this makes it a better choice. The correction of the lens is default when it is applied to the images and there are also other options which include subtle colours.

This has been a new feature in the version 8 and it corrects the highlights and the shadow automatically and serves best. This brings about a more radical change which was even now judged by the experts.

Other features like clipping the extra colour for an image provides a great advantage in using the Optics Pro. For raw as well as JPEG images there are a number of options in the processing of the image.

DxO Optics ProThere is an also a new option Selective Tone Control which slideshow the images of the highlights, black, shadows and midtones. With these features it now proves to be versatile and precise.

Till competing with the Lightroom the overall winner cannot be decided still now as both have some certain advantage than the others. But comparatively we can see that the default setting in the Optics Pro is better than that of the Lightroom’s setting which is weak.

Different other highlights such as HDR effects, preset processing and restoring the body proportions in a group image are inbuilt in the Optics Pro. The Rectangle and the Force Parallel help to correct the distortions and to improve the quality of the image.

Except from the feature of dust removing, editing of the local is absent. The Optics Pro enjoys the feature that it can send the images directly to the personal computers. Also virtual folders can be created.

Both the Lighroom and DxO have weakness but with an excellent streamline approach DxO is always a better choice.

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