A security platform is launched by one of the newest companies named Trustonic. This security platform will be embedded into the mobile devices which are ARM based. The purpose for which this platform is launched is to protect the services like content of premium and payments.

TrustonicGemalto and Giesecke & Devrient and ARM is going to make a joint venture with the name Trustonic and it will have the focus on the progress of TEE which means Trusted Execution Environment so that it can provide a security standard for the devices like laptops and Smartphones. As the utilization of these devices is increasing day by day this security platform will be extremely effective.

The TrustZone technology of ARM has been built by TEE. It is an extension of security which has been built in the core of the processors which are ARM based. For long years it has provided a solid separation between non-secure and secure data when the assets and technology is incorporated from the two other organizations.

It may be Android or anything else TEE is an operating system which is self contained and it can run with the principal operating system in a parallel way and it provides the service of security for some of the functions.

The chief officer of technology in Trustonic said, “If you say it just an Operating system, it will not be completely depicted. The extra thing which it can offer is security where the data and the apps can be processed securely. The service of key management can also be handled quite easily with this.”

If the developers choose to use TEE, they will be able to get more security for handling various kinds of functions such as authentication or payment processing. According to Geater, most of the applications are of Android application standard.

There are some sensitive assets like certificates, fingerprints, and pass codes for which the device makers can provide security and thus can easily protect them. This platform will be able to provide them the facility to provide their customers’ security which is a service independent. The Trustonic is thinking in this way.

This is quite helpful for the service providers also as they will be assured that they deal with a device that can be trusted and it can provide a connection which is secure and there is security for storing the data of the customers.

Trustonic has already made a list f the partners in the industry who are taking this platform for them. There are some of the big names included in it like Discretix, Wave Systems, Master Card, Good Technology, Cisco, Samsung and many others.

The technology is already used in many a handset which has Android. One of them is Samsung Galaxy S3. Obviously, Trustonic is trying their best to expand their business as much as possible. Well, they have some more organizations in their list but for now they don’t have the liberty to reveal the names of their future vendors.

Geater said, “It is not possible to say about the other platforms as nothing is certain. However, it can assure that the development will be done.”

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