When discussing about IT software solutions, the ASG Software Solutions is a renowned name and recognized by all. An OEM partnership has been announced between the Apptria Technologies and ASG. Apptria specializes in the software recognition capabilities. The combination of Apptria with ASG’s IT service management products will definitely prove to be a boon in the software world.

The customers of ASG will be greatly benefited. This partnership will allow ASG to serve its customers, the latest application fingerprinting methodologies. This will help in the identification of the software installations throughout the enterprise, as well as some of the critical IT functions can be carried out like License Compliance, IT Asset Management, Dependency and Discovery Mapping and Service Support.

Efficiency for spanning mainframe, global enterprises, distributed and cloud environments and driving IT automation are the prime focuses of ASG. The IT and business stakeholders need to be provided with reporting capabilities and key functionality. Thus, the solutions of ASG include many such products that require high quality software recognition. The inclusion of the Apptria Software Catalogue will result in the advantage of ASG’s customers. They will experience improved abilities of managing and tracking software asset Lifecycle, the risks of software overspending and license compliance will be greatly minimized and a perfect view of how dependent is the business of installing software, can be attained.

ASG and Apptria

The identification of the installed software across the entire corporate network is very cumbersome and time consuming. This is one of the major drawbacks which have been observed in most of the IT management tools. The unity of Apptria with ASG will help extensively in this aspect.

Ian Rowlands is the senior director of the product management at ASG. He said that he is excited about this partnership with Apptria, as the company will be able to provide superbly efficient software recognition capabilities to its customers. The confidence of their customers, in the distributed environment and the mainframe, in their products is of vital importance. He proudly told about not only meeting, but also exceeding their customer’s expectations.

The Apptria Software Catalog holds its head high in the field of software recognition. It is always up-to-date. This catalog holds information or data of over 15 years which has been stored by thousands of software publishers. An extensive and intricate network of end users, independent software vendors and partners helps to take care that this catalog grows every day. This network makes sure that the catalog is adjusted according to the changing environment of the corporate and public sector.

The co-founder of Apptria Technologies, Kris Barker appreciated ASG. He commented on the great understanding of the company about the importance of very high quality application recognition in providing the best technology to its various customers. He boasted of being the company that ASG chose for reaching its goal with such great leadership and dedication to its customers.

ASG is a 25 year old company and it has been serving the software society since. The Apptria Technologies have been found in the year 2011. It seems that the compilation of these two companies is going to produce very interesting results. How productive will it be? It is yet to be known.

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