Are you ready to take your PC gaming to the next level? There are tons of great gadgets and gear out there designed specifically for PC gamers to help them make the most of their playing experience. But with so many to choose from, it can prove a real challenge deciding which options are best for you and your specific gaming needs.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We took a look at the different choices out there, and have come back with a list of the essential gadgets for PC gamers. Read on to see which ones are right for you, and get ready to experience gaming like you never have before.

Gaming Headset

If you haven’t looked at headsets for PC gaming, now is the time. A good headset can profoundly change your game for the better, providing you with the means to speak with fellow players and even issue commands directly to your PC. Be sure to invest in a good headset that can withstand even the longest and most intense gaming sessions — extra padding is essential, and there are even options that provide added comfort for those who wear glasses.

You’ll be wowed by the crystal-clear sound quality that lets you hear every single thing going on in your game, and a quality mic will make sure your every word and command sounds crystal clear.

Gaming Mouse

Every mouse is not created equal, which you’ll instantly see when you try your hand at a gaming mouse. These devices are ergonomically designed for comfort, so there’s no added strain to your wrist as you play. You can get them customized and tricked out with an assortment of fun features, so be sure to explore all the options before you settle on the one that’s best for you!

And if you’re upgrading your mouse, you should expect to do the same to your mouse pad. Gaming mouse pads are bigger than normal ones, providing you with extra space to maneuver — which can prove essential when you’re in a tight spot in your favorite game. They’re designed to have your mouse run smoothly over the surface, providing you with unsurpassed precision and control.

Cord Organizer

Nobody enjoys untangling a gnarled mass of cords to find the one they’re looking for — and now you don’t have to, thanks to cable sleeves. These small felt pieces slip over your cords, holding them neatly together so you can always see which is which. Not only does it make it easier to connect and disconnect cables quickly, it helps keep your gaming area clean and neat, which is always a plus.

Gamer Keyboard

For serious gamers, a dedicated gaming keyboard is simply a must-have. The keys are specially designed to be fast and responsive, so your every command is instantly received. They’re also designed so you can type faster than ever, allowing you to respond in a flash to any situation that presents itself.

You can also customize the backlighting in an assortment of different colors to suit your style or mood, and programmable buttons means you have the whole gaming world literally at your fingertips.

Headset Holder

There’s nothing worse than losing your gaming headset minutes before a big LAN party. Make sure you always know where your headset is with a holder attached to your desk. You can get one that discreetly hangs under your desk, so it’s out of the way while it keeps your headset on hand and ready for action. You won’t have to waste time hunting for your headset when you could be gaming instead.

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