That day will likely come where your son or daughter asks for permission to learn how to drive.

The question then will turn to, what will be your response?

For most parents, they will sign-off on allowing their teenager to drive. If you think about it, saying no can create some tension in the home that no parent likely wants to deal with.

That said you want to make sure your teen has the learning tools needed to become the best driver possible. Doing otherwise puts them and others at risk.

So, are you ready for a teen driver in the house?

Start with a Visit to Your Local DMV

To get learning headed in the right direction, visiting the Texas DMV or the one in the state you live in is a start.

Keep in mind that your area DMV has a lot of info available that your teen will need before they take their driver’s test.

First, they will want to go through the driver’s manual from front to back to learn the rules of the road in your state. Although many teens do not pass the first time, involved studying can increase odds of acing it.

When your child passes the test the first time, their confidence behind the wheel should be good. A confident driver tends to be one who does not get in accidents. That said also note that accidents can happen at any place and at any time in your teen’s driving life.

Given today’s digital age, your teen can also access a fair amount of driving info off of the Internet. In doing so, they can pretty much study 24/7.

Once your teen has passed their driver’s test the first time possible, the fun begins.

Always Drive Home the Importance of Safety

Even if you trust your teen to be 100 percent safe, you can’t account for the countless others out there.

Always remind your teenager of the following:

  • Accidents have consequences – Besides the possible physical injuries, there are other consequences too. As such, an accident that your teen was responsible for goes on their driving record. At a young age, the can prove damaging. Schools etc. accessing online public records may see your teen’s had an accident. Although you can’t say for sure it will go against them, always remember that it could.
  • Don’t let friends intimidate them – Your teen likely has wonderful friends. With that being the case, remind your teen that he or she must set a good example. One of the greatest pressures can be to drink and drive. As most parents know, there can be fatal consequences with such choices. Given your teen should not be drinking in the first place, it is worse if they drive off.
  • Vehicle care and road conditions – Whether your teen uses a family vehicle or their own, they must care for it. Not only does a vehicle not cared for look bad, it can be a hazard out on the roads. By teaching your teen to care for the vehicle, it instills more responsibility in them. Last, make sure your teen gets some driving in during inclement weather. Although rain can be rather easy to navigate, wintertime challenges such as snow and ice are not. By teaching them early how to handle conditions, they will be better prepared for Old Man Winter.

If you are in fact ready for a teen driver in the house, get the keys and start those engines.

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