Businesses require dedicated servers for maintaining their web resources. Dedicated server service requires administrators to monitor servers 24x7x365, apply Operating System updates and patches, manage daily backup services and resolve cluster and hardware configuration and network issues. So, it is obvious that getting a scalable and secure server service is not an easy task. If you have such issue in your organization or start-up, it is recommended that you employ the service of professionals in the field such as eLite Server Mangement(ESM) Or Codero, who provide formidable dedicated server service. The deal gets sweetened as the services are available at great pricing plans. There are no hidden costs, which is a serious problem with many competitors out there in the market. has a dedicated support team for handling any server related issues and they guarantee uptime guarantee 24×7.  The problem with Codero is many of their customers are suffering from downtime issues as often as twice a month. And there are lots of complaints on various web hosting forums and hosting review sites for the same.

On the other hand, eLite Server Management(ESM)  team has years of experience in bringing the most up to date and fully managed dedicated server service worldwide. ESM provides some of the best features regarding server services. The servers are fully customizable. They offer an industry-grade hardware infrastructure. Customers can opt for nifty features such as “Hacker Guard”, which provides advanced server protection. As for the bill payment, the options are flexible for every month payment or even on a yearly basis.

Now let us analyze why eLite Server Management(ESM) is truly your best bet in dedicated server service in the market:

  • They provide full access and control over the servers so that they can be utilized as per your business requirements. The servers are preconfigured with operating system specific software, such as Apache HTTP or Server Manager.
  • ESM provides fully dedicated resources on Private Cloud which enhances data backup and security features.
  • The servers are scalable, which ensures rapid migration to higher plans and advanced hardware. This reduces the chances of loss of data or need for any reinstallation of server applications.
  • Uncapped bandwidth provides high-speed servers for business users all over the world.
  • Their meticulous 24×7 support ensures quick error resolution and zero downtime.
  • eLite’s pricing is extremely competitive and the lowest in the market. They also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee.

As mentioned before, the eLite Server Management has an enterprise-class infrastructure. They have a data center located in West Palm Beach in Florida and in Los Angeles. They also offer dedicated resources on the Private Cloud with a control panel for Public and Administrator control panel for Private cloud. The servers can be configured with different Linux distributions, Windows, and cPanel virtual machines (VMs). Business users can opt for configurations which include up to 8 cores, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drive and 5 TB bandwidth. The pricing varies depending on the processing speed, RAM, storage and bandwidth.

The ESM Dedicated Server Offers:

  • Intel Core2 processors with 8-16 GB of RAM, 0.5-1 TB storage and with 10 TB bandwidth will cost $39-49 per month.
  • Dual-core processors with 32-64 GB of RAM, 0.5-2 TB storage and with 10-20 TB bandwidth will cost around $60-70 per month.

Similarly, the Los Angeles server offers:

  • Dual Xeon processors with 8-16 GB of RAM, 0.5-1 TB storage and with 10 TB bandwidth will cost around $49-50 per month.
  • Dual Xenon processors with 32-64 GB of RAM, 0.5-2 TB storage with 10-30 TB bandwidth will cost around $70-80 per month.

eLite Server Management has been providing formidable services over the years. They offer significant hardware options and the active customer care services makes it a great choice for dedicated server service requirements. Their support for different OS and applications for servers makes it useful for almost every business type. eLite offers attractive and flexible payment plans with no hidden costs. So, all the points considered together makes it highly recommended for dedicated server service as compared to Codero dedicated servers.