Diamonds are for eternity. They are passed down through generations as a legacy and are held dear for their financial and emotional value. People across the world love to buy and invest in diamonds. They can be used in tiaras, necklaces, bracelets and rings. If you are one of the lucky ones to possess beautiful and majestic diamond rings, then it is important you care for them well.

The rules to keep your diamond rings glittering are:

  • Keep your diamond ring away from chemicals: Diamonds will lose their shine and glitter when they come in contact with chemicals. Here, the reference is not limited to chemistry lab chemicals but even the daily chemicals found in items such as a dishwasher bar. Regular contact with a chemical-soap will gradually degrade your diamond ring. Remove your ring when washing clothes, plates, bathing, or any other similar activities.
  • Remove rings while performing physical work: A diamond may be a hard element, but, like any other jewellery it is prone to damage. Remove your diamond ring and keep it safe before activities like gardening, weight lifting, working in factories, etc. Apart from the damage caused, you could also lose the diamond, if the clasp holding it is damaged or loosened.
  • Cleanly clean your ring carefully: There are many DIY videos and blogs giving suggestions on how to clean your ring. It is highly recommended you use the services of a professional to get your ring cleaned. If you do plan to clean them yourself, use quality products, and follow the tips carefully.
  • Manage wear and tear: Diamond rings can go out of shape if subjected to excessive wear and tear. If you are fashion conscious and resize or reshape your rings regularly, you should know it can cause chips and other damages to your rings. Another best practice is to remove your ring while you are about to sleep. This negates any chances of your diamond ring getting snagged in the bed or blanket.
  • Store them with care: Choose the storage location of your diamond ring carefully. The best choice is a clean, dry, place. A fabric-lined case is a perfect house for your diamond ring. The mount or a cloth in a box should hold the ring comfortably, and the lid should close without touching the ring. If you are storing multiple ornaments in the same case, get dividers to ensure other items do not leaves scratch marks.
  • Insure your rings – It is important to insure your diamond rings, as they will add a layer of protection against theft or damage. The money you receive may not be able to compensate for the loss, but, it will allow you to buy another ring of the same or lesser value. The coverage varies across insurers and you should read the terms and conditions carefully before signing.

In conclusion, buying a diamond ring may be easy, all you have to do is pay for what you like. They are very expensive and cannot be purchased daily. So, once you purchase them it is essential to preserve them well.

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