Choosing an acupuncturist is almost the same as choosing any other healthcare provider. There are considerations you have to make including cost, location, specialty, and personal style. That said, the relationship you will have with your acupuncturist is somewhat different from the other health service providers.

If you have come to a point where you need the services of an acupuncturist, but you’re not sure where to find one, below are some necessary steps to follow to get the best acupuncturist.

Recommendations and Referrals

Over the past few years, the popularity of acupuncturists has risen tremendously. There is a possibility you know someone who has gone through the hands of one and can make a good recommendation or referral. If the person has been treated for reasons similar to yours, the advice can be much more meaningful. Since acupuncturists are trained just like general practitioners, many of them have now specialized and operate within niches.


Unlike other conditions that practitioners can treat in a single session, acupuncture is usually an ongoing therapy which may take several weeks or months of treatment. It is therefore essential that the location and schedule of your practitioner are convenient.

For instance, smoking cessation patients may be asked to come daily, especially at the beginning of their treatment. If the practitioner’s office is far away, it may make the journey difficult.


There are conditions which require more training and experience than others. For instance, if the acupuncture treatment is around cancer support, dermatological diseases, or hepatitis, you will need specialized attention which can only be given by an expert. Ensure that the acupuncturist you choose has undergone training and is fully certified. For general conditions such as sprains, physical pains, allergies, anxiety, migraine, or stress, you can go to a general acupuncturist who should be able to treat them after a few sessions.


The cost you will pay for an acupuncture treatment depends on a number of factors, amongst them the education level of the practitioner, the clinical setup, and years of practice. Even when you find an acupuncturist who you believe is qualified, inquire about the cost so that you are well aware how much your program will cost.

Acupuncturists such as Nan’s Acupuncture, offer private treatment sessions characterized by high quality, but affordable acupuncture treatments. If you pay for a number of acupuncture treatments in advance, you may qualify for a discount.

Personal Connection

Acupuncture treatments revolve around the creation of a healing relationship and the visits usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to about an hour. This means you will be spending a great deal of time with your acupuncturist. The relationship you will have with your acupuncturist is similar to that of a therapist. It is therefore vital to choose someone you can work comfortably with and create a personal connection that will at least last for the period of the treatment.

The last consideration you should make when looking for an acupuncturist is the facility and environment where he operates. When it comes to the quality of facilities, acupuncture treatments cover a broad spectrum, from the simple and comfortable to spa-like facilities. Look for an environment that will make you feel comfortable and if this means dropping by the facility to see if it is a good match for your tastes, so be it!

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