We live in a busy modern world when everybody has to commute daily in order to get to their jobs. Spending a lot of time in your vehicle every morning while going to work or coming back home is affecting all of us considerably because we waste valuable time which we could spend together with our loved ones, resting or doing something productive for ourselves. You surely know the saying “time is money”, but apart from that, time is also a valuable gift you get in your life which you should not waste being stuck in your car, trying to get from a place to another.  However, every problem has a solution for it, you just have to be creative and flexible and choose the most suitable solution for you. Keep in mind these tips and tricks if you are tired of wasting precious time on your commute.

Choose a different way of transportation

One of the solutions which you could use for spending less time on your commute is to choose a different way of transportation from your home to your workplace and back. Usually, in large cities, the public transportation is well developed and you have many ways to travel around the city such as using the bus, metro, or trams. However, if the city is a crowded one with many people commuting at the same time as you, you can also experience a traffic jam or an overcrowded bus where you cannot even enter. If that is the situation in your city as well, you could consider using a bike since it has many benefits for your mental and physical health, protecting the environment from the heavy pollution produced by the vehicles and it can help you to save a lot of time since the traffic is not going to slow you down anymore.

Leave before the rush hour

Usually, every city has its own unwritten rules when it comes to the tendencies of the behavior of its citizens. Which means it is easy for you to know when the rush hours are, both early in the morning when you leave for work or in the evening when you come back home. In order to avoid the traffic jam which is surely going to slow you down while you are commuting, you should consider choosing a better time for you to leave from home or work. Change your morning routine and leave a little bit earlier from home before the rush hour starts and the streets are overcrowded. Also, when coming back from work you could find a relaxing activity after work which you can do until the rush hour is over and you can go home without spending plenty of time in your car.

Change your location

We live in an era when changing location depending on the job opportunity that you get is not a strange thing anymore. Nowadays, people have become more flexible and do not find moving around the city, country or world that difficult anymore if the job opportunity will bring them numerous financial benefits and professional rewards. If your job does not allow you to work from home, you can consider changing your home to another one which is closer to your workplace to avoid wasting time every day commuting.

Choose a less crowded route

Surely, you already know your city well enough to know which streets are the most used by all the citizens and become overcrowded in the rush hours. Which is why you should consider choosing a different route than the one which seems the shortest one. Even if it might seem like you are going to take the longer way, choosing a less crowded route is actually going to help you to save a lot of time since you are going to avoid any possible traffic jam which will make you be stuck in your car for a long time and waste valuable time that which you could use doing things for your well-being.

Work from home

Nowadays, working from home has become a common thing for all of us. There are many jobs that allow you to work from your own comfort, without spending plenty of time on the road. If your job is the type of job that could be done from home, and you get the opportunity to do it, you should definitely consider it to save the time you would spend while commuting.

Use technology

We use technology for most of the tasks that we have to complete both in our professional and personal lives because it helps us to be more productive, work more efficiently and faster. Technology has simplified our lives considerably by creating all the necessary tools for us to avoid wasting time on things which can be done without too much effort. Today, there are many apps which you can use for spending less time on your commute to work and back home. You can find online apps which can tell you the best route to choose in order to avoid the traffic jams. Also, we all know that one of the biggest problems in large crowded cities when it comes to commuting is the fact that it takes plenty of time to find a parking spot. Which is why you should consider using a platform such as WhereIpark to find and reserve a parking spot to save time when commuting.

Use the time for doing something productive

Apart from the fact that you need to choose the most suitable solution for you to spend less time on your commute, you should also consider using the time that you spend in your car or public transportation for something productive or something which can help you maintain your mental and physical well-being. For example, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, you could listen to podcasts or audiobook which will both relax you and help you improve your knowledge. Also, you could use that time for brainstorming because some of the best ideas come when you are alone with your own thoughts.

Get a monthly parking spot so you don’t need to worry about parking again

Reserving a monthly parking spot, especially in a congested city, can be an absolute life saver. Looking for a daily parking spot is not only stressful, but can get extremely expensive. In congested cities and busy downtown areas, parking lots fill up quickly and circling around looking for a place to park is not a great way to spend time. Those who do find a spot have pay a lot of money keep their vehicle there for the day. Costs and stress can add up quickly. For this reason, many people are using online apps like WhereiPark in order to secure exclusive, convenient monthly parking spots that are convenient for busy city residents, whether its for their commute to work or any other purpose.

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