Forced reps happen when we get to muscular failure or come directly to it and make a few more reps to cause increased wear of the muscle fiber, and therefore greater hypertrophy or greater muscle growth .This practice forces the muscles to work to overcome failure and grow faster. There are two ways to force the repetitions through a training partner or by a slight change in the strict form of the exercise.

The Art Of Forced Reps – Forcing The Muscle To Give All

With Partner’s Help

This is the best way to overcome the challenge imposed for forced reps. In case you have a training partner, you should take advantage of him/her. You note here that there must be someone at least similar to you with experience in the gym or with more experienced and enough skill to be able to help you. If you can afford the Turbulence Training Review or other good personal trainer, so do not hesitate to do so, as always a good companion is worth. The function involves the power to help you complete the course of the movement in the exercise you are doing.


Suppose you are doing bicep curls alternating arm or three sets of ten repetitions each. You are using a weight that you can get with fairness to the tenth repetition the first two sets, but then decide to increase a little weight for the last set. Upon reaching the eighth repetition, you are about to touch the muscle failure and here your partner will accompany you during the final two repetitions and thus help to complete the exercise. Remember that accompanying does not mean putting weight for you, but lend the necessary support to help you get to the end touring the arc voltage movement with you and holding a small percentage of weight; do not overdo the help. If you prefer, you can take the weight of your body at the end of the last repetition to prevent excessive tiredness.

Sacrificing Strictly

If you have not got anyone to lend you aid or you cannot resort to the help of a partner, you may sacrifice some strict exercise, but you should be careful enough to avoid injuring yourself.


Continuing with the example of biceps curls, reaching repetition in the muscle failure, you can arch the body slightly backwards, separating the elbows slightly and force the dumbbells up involving the shoulders, but only in the last two or the last repetition, and not more. Remember that you do not to overdo the weight and pay attention to the signals of your body to prevent possible injury.


No doubt forced reps help you perform better and are much safer if made with a partner, although not always available. You must remember that forced reps are unfit to be done every day of training in all exercises, since this would be subjecting your body too much effort and you would be at risk signs of over training.

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