Today, on the internet media rumors that Samsung is likely to bend the monitor Galaxy S9 Edge as soon as on all four sides, and not just two, like the Galaxy S9 Edge, or 1 like the Galaxy Observe Edge.

This details were at first dispersed Italian profile blog, who confirmed that the Korean large is preparing to start two new flagship smartphones: Galaxy S9 in the usual format of the smartphone with 5.two-inch diagonal screen, and conceptual Galaxy S9 Edge with a diagonal of five. Seven inches.

Apparently, although none of the analysts did not react to the information, in reality, if the Galaxy S9 Edge display is truly rounded on 4 sides, it modifications a whole lot.

First of all, it signifies that the Galaxy S9 Edge will have a total contact management, except for the volume keys (which, nevertheless, can also be moved to the aspect experience of the screen and make the contact) and the energy button. Now almost all Samsung sensible phones have 3 buttons beneath the display screen on the entrance of the smartphone. That is, you can count on a revised brand shell Touch Wiz (yet again, if the information is true).

Next, added curved aspect faces the screen Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge must also employ some new features, which, nevertheless, was not indicated in the report Or else, they turn into purely branding and practically meaningless from a practical position of look at selection.

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