Scientists no longer consider the myths, legends, stories and imagination as a game of the imagination of ancient people. Each plot is stored grains of fact, of the historical events. Unfortunately, over the millennia paraphrases, the original version history is so distorted that the scientist is a great effort to separate the wheat from the chaff and to understand what the audience would like to tell our distant ancestor. In the case of the Australian myths do not need any mental stress. Words and phrases which do not allow dual interpretation, they described how at the dawn of time on Aboriginal land fell alien spaceship.

Even during the Great Dreams from the sky flew a large red egg. Skinned characters flying in it would gradually fall to the ground, but the evil spirits prevent the egg fell and fractured. Heroes come out of the eggs and left to live among the natives. They gave Australians knowledge and culture, taught to make fire and hunt, using dart thrower and a boomerang.

Humans Are Superior Than Aliens

Very soon, the heroes are dead. They could not breathe the local air, quickly weakened and grew old. But their children, who arrived with them in the egg, have adapted and survived. To preserve the memory of their parents, they carved and painted their images on the rocks for alien invasion.

Ruptured red egg eventually turned into dust; the wind blew away her across the continent. That is why the land in the Australian Red. Heroes Descendants multiplied, but their skin was no longer white – under the hot sun she was black, and only the drawings on cave walls resemble looked like the new heroes, who arrived from the heavens.

Ancient people though had a visionary, yet in rock art sought to achieve maximum realism. The fundamental principle of the old artist was “what I see, then I draw.” That is why scientists always consider drawings of ancient people as a real reflection of the world around him. What drew the Aborigines of Western Australia?

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