Every writer has a goal of earning money from their daily writing activities. The amount of money that different writers make differs over different factors. As a writer, one can earn as little as the US $1 or as much as US $100 on the size of the online business writing. The difference in caused by the following issues.

Quality of your Work

For a high-quality work, it is evident that you will earn more money than low-quality work. The users of your content will judge the content you write to them and pay accordingly to the content quality. If any business writer wants to earn much money from his daily writing activities, they need to work on their quality. High-quality work will also attract bonuses. Also, if a writer knows of a high-quality task, he or she will always have a job to do hence earning much money. You can earn like $100 on an article of about 500 words. If the quality is bad, you can earn zero money on the same content.


Your Audience

The different audience is willing and able to pay different amount of money to the same content. Their economic status determines the ability of the audience to pay your work. If your audience is made of students, they won’t pay the same amount of money with an audience that is composed of people who have a stable income. To know how much you will earn on your work it’s necessary to understand the social status of your audience.

The purpose of your Content

If your content can bring direct income to the user, then the content will attract a lot of money on it compared to content that is meant to entertain your audience. People will be willing to pay more money for the same article if they use it to generate money.

Your Employer

Employers will pay you according to their organization’s goals. Different organizations have different goals to achieve a hence difference in payment across different employers. A publishing company can pay up to 100 dollars for an article of 500 words while a blogger will be willing to pay you up to 10 dollars on the same article.

The Freelancing Site you are Working with

Different sites have different rates on the same Business writing jobs. The writers will work with different rates at different times. The rates are determined by the writer’s ratings on the site and the type of task the writer can write at any given time. Online business writing jobs can pay from $1 to $100 on an article of 500 words.

The amount which online business writers can earn can be controlled by the writers themselves. The writers can earn as much or as low as they would desire. All they need to do is plan on the amount they would want to earn at any given time.


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