Every child grows up hearing the stories of Jesus and the miracles he performed. The ancient scriptures depict that God performing miracles is a way to state his authority over this worldly creation and portray his love and commitment towards its inhabitants. The significance of these miracles lies in its purpose of doing good for people. Through his messengers, he sent words of wisdom to reveal the path of salvation on attaining which there would be end of all misery and pain.

Moses, as per the Old Testament performed miracles as he received the authority of doing so by the Almighty himself. There are prophets who claim to be the spokesperson of Him by executing unusual marvels and exhibit their power to influence transformation. Growing up imagining such wonderful actions, it is the common expectation to witness miracles in life.

Why is it then people fail to encounter such wonderful and extraordinary activities? When Jesus is not here, is there nobody who can carry out miracles and save people from growing evils in the society? Is there no spokesperson or true messenger of God to save humankind from falling into the self-created purgatory?

The good still exists and so does the evil, and in their battle the former always wins. Every human experiences this fact at least once in his or her lifetime. Performing miracle is the deed to fight the evil, the illness, diseases, demonic possessions and others to improve the quality of people’s life. Hope is still there in the presence of prophets who even today through prayers and worships elicit divine intervention to perform greater deeds of miracles in the form of physical and spiritual healing.

Prophet TB Joshua, the founder and leader of a Christian organization SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nations) in Lagos, Nigeria is a miracle worker. Not only the church but also the devotees and people who lost faith, have witnessed sudden positive changes in life after seeking the blessing of this prophet. His prayers invoking god to bless his fellow humans, have invested power in him to heal those who physically challenged, or under the attack of life threatening diseases and any small or major physical conditions.

Prophet TB Joshua also conveys that mere physical healing is not enough, what every individual also requires is spiritual cleansing. In order to travel on the path laid by the God, one has to purify the soul from all the evils and vices like greed, jealousy and others. The focus should be on strengthening the faith and have hope in self. Thousands of devotees and those seeking hope, visit SCOAN and attend the weekend sessions where he reveals the words of the Almighty. These visitors are not just natives and locals but Christians and certain non-believers who come here to seek answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. It is due to his untiring efforts to spread this wisdom with selflessness that his followers are still growing every day.

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