What is Pilates?

Who does not want to test their potential and how well they can perform and challenge their capabilities? Pilates is that form of an exercise. It makes the best possible use of both the body and soul to achieve the perfect performance. The Pilates focuses on The muscles that stabilize and maintain the balance of the body and provide them the necessary strength. It is important that the mind and the body complement each other while doing pilates. Hence, Pilates trains the brain to balance the state of awareness of the body movement.

Get Your Brain and Body In Sync With Pilates

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Complete Body Workout: Pilates focuses on the involvement of every muscle of the body while working out. It helps in the tuning of the muscles that results in an effective workout. This way you can prepare yourself for the challenges that you may encounter in your everyday life.
  • Maintaining the posture and stability: A bad body posture results in a lot of complexities that may range from a variety of pain and aches. This may hamper the efficiency of a normal human. According to experts, four out of five people experience backache and leg pain because they did not maintain the right posture while sitting or relaxing. If you have never thought that the right posture may be the reason for half of your sufferings, then Pilates is the right choice for you. It helps in maintaining the right alignment and the posture while continuous movements and even while resting. If we know how to coordinate our body, we will be a stronger individual, and hence, will minimize our chances of an injury that may happen if we repeatedly use a certain part of our body.
  • Toning the muscles and providing strength: Pilates is the best way to tone your muscles. To get the best results, it is advisable that you involve in at least three sessions per week. If you wish to dispose of that extra layer of the Adipose tissue from your body, it may ask for an additional effort. For the people who join Pilates for reducing weight, the normal pilate exercise has to be coupled with a thirty minutes cardiovascular exercise at least for five sets. The people who fear that an extra cardiovascular exercise may make them suffer from heart diseases do not have to worry. The Pilates is not a cardiovascular exercise and by no means puts any strain on your lungs or heart thereby reducing any chances of suffering from a heart disease.
  • Awareness of their body: It is your body, and you are responsible for everything happening. If you don’t take proper care, no one else will do it for you. Pilates brings the mind and the body together to work in coordination. It teaches how to connect your mind with the body. Most of the people have a slow response time, and so their activities are even slow. This makes a person reach a level of frustration. If you are one of the people who are getting lazy day by day, Pilates is the best way to know your body and bring it back on track.

Pilates is setting a good example for making the public aware of their health. Remember ‘ Keep up the good work and remember that exercise is for life, not just for holidays.’

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