When it comes to weight loss procedures, the gastric balloon procedure might just be the safest and the most opted for option. But though you may have often heard of the procedure, you hardly know the head or tail of it. And this is not something uncommon. In most cases the hardcore medical treatments are seldom known by an individual in in depth. But regardless to say that it often helps when one knows a bit more of the procedure. It helps one to decide and also to be sure that the procedure is right for the person.

All You Need To Know About The Gastric Balloon Procedure

What exactly is a gastric balloon?

Well, obviously you know that the procedure is applied to achieve weight loss and that the gastric balloon is a certain type of balloon which is inserted in your stomach for the matter. The balloon is typically made of silicon and it partially fills the stomach. This in turn evokes the feeling of fullness in one’s stomach.

How the gastric balloon procedure is carried out?

The gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach through one’s mouth and the oesophagus. While inserting the balloon is kept deflated. The procedure is carried out using a special kind of equipment known as an endoscope which is basically a flexible and really thin tube with a light and camera attached to one end of it. Normally the patient is allowed a sedative or a mild anaesthetic for the procedure. Now comes the important part, despite the procedure being a bit uncomfortable, it is totally painless! And the best thing is that the procedure becomes over in an absolute zippy. It takes as low as 15 minutes of time to be completed and also the patient is allowed to go home on the same day itself. And after a short time span of just six months, the balloon is deflated and removed from the stomach. But that is more than enough for allowing a weight loss of at least 20% to 30%.

Which all patients are best suited for the gastric balloon procedure?

This procedure is generally recommended to patients who have the necessity to lose weight prior to surgery. This is as because the gastric balloon procedure minimizes any surgery risk to even less. But also it is very effectively used as a stand alone treatment for obesity. The best thing about this procedure is that it is totally non invasive. Though it can be a slower option as compared to the surgical procedures but that doesn’t cut off any of its effectiveness. The gastric balloon procedure can be opted by any obesity patients with BMI index between the range of 27 and 35.

Also the gastric balloon procedure is much cheaper than the surgical procedures out there. It is temporary in many cases and is a totally natural procedure to opt for. Hence it is no wonder that the procedure has become so wildly popular in the recent years and also it is pretty much a recommended treatment.

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