After a long period of work, spending time with friends, or catching up with family, your body is screaming for some attention. Sometimes we don’t worry about our physical and mental wellbeing enough because we are so busy. After all, your weeks are impossible to schedule appointments to help take care of your body. If you want to do something for yourself, the only time you really have available is during the weekend. If you are ready to ¨give up¨ a part of your weekend, then it´s time to treat yourself! If you don’t know any ideas, here are four activities you can do to relax and maintain a healthy body and mind.

4 Beauty Activities For A Weekend

Hair Treatment:

Hair is the most versatile part of the body; you can play with it, put it straight, curly, in a ponytail, etc. But sometimes the last thing in our mind is to take proper care of it. Getting the best treatment can help you to recover your hair from any damage and make it look healthy gain. Check out your closest hair salon to look at possible treatments they have available and the different deals.


The perfect treatment to relax all of your muscles and relief the pain is a full body, deep tissue massage. If you don’t periodically take proper care for your muscles and joints, it can make major damage in your shoulders, arms, legs and back from built up pressure. Find the perfect treatment for your body condition; if you don’t know, you can call the centers and talk with them. They will help you get the right one. If you need more than one session, having a regular schedule will help you to maintain control of your other responsibilities without neglecting yourself.


If you want to focus more on your mind rather than body, meditation can definitely help you achieve your goals. The good thing about meditation is you can do it by yourself, outdoors, at home or in an instructed class. Any of these options can bring you the peace you have been looking for. Use music, candles or a good landscape to supplement your experience.


One of the most popular options to release your stress is through pure sweat and exercise. From running to Crossfit, biking or walking, any activity you do can help you to relax while you are moving your body. Look for some green parks or gym with nice equipment around you to get started.

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