The search engine optimization (SEO) is a free way to make your site easier to find when customers look for certain keywords associated with your business. The idea of ??”search optimization” is to verify that your website is ranked in certain ways in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, for your company to be among the first search results, which is known as “improve its position in the search rankings.” If you are trying to optimize search engines (SEO) of your site is facing a great competition. Here’s a breakdown of the top ten strategies of search engine optimization to help your site powered in the page rankings of major search engines. However, note that some of these strategies may not be applicable to every website.

1. Write free and ask the owners of web sites that sell a similar product if you would like free e-book on your website. Of course, the eBook will also include your affiliate links.

2. Write a review of the product or service from another site and publish it on your website. This may encourage him or her to link to you, increasing your ranking and traffic increases.

3. Submit articles for the website that you are hoping to exchange links with to boost business.

4. In the website forum or blog be sure to respond with comments and leave your link so people visit your site.

5. Ask webmaster commercial advertising or placing an ad for your page in exchange for a link if a site with a lot more traffic than you.

6. Give website a testament to your product or service. Include a text link to your website within the testimonial and ask if you want to include your ad copy.

7. If the site has a free for all links page, send your text link on it. You may want to go back and post your link regularly so it stays on top.

8. Make sure to sign your guestbook and leave a comment on your complimentary guestbook with your URL.

9. Answer a question for the owner of the site on your blog followed by your URL link.

10. Propose cross-promotional agreement with webmasters and lovers of sites you like. You could mutually promote their products or services in one package.

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