The face is one of the most important areas of the body that may be, it tends to be the letter to others, and the means by which moods are interpreted, at least at first glance. Therefore, care is immersed in the routine of everyday life, as one of the most important things, so much so that washing becomes almost a ritual, especially in women.

However, constantly wash and using appropriate sometimes not enough implements, then, come to make mistakes, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, bringing, over time, counterproductive effects for facial skin. Despite being one of the simplest routine hygiene, wash your face properly is very important, considering the extreme exposure to harmful agents and how delicate it is.

Here are some things that should not be done when washing the face.

Not Washing Hands

It is perhaps the simplest things to be overlooked, generally, the human being is a creature of habit, which leads him to generate enough habits and bad habits for themselves and for others.

Many people take this habit involuntarily, almost without realizing that they are not doing, however, others do with this in mind and applying an argument out of context. Hands are one of the regions that most bacterial houses, therefore it is best to clean up before contacting face, avoiding medical problems..

Do Not Exfoliate Properly

Speaking of this step, we do not talk to exfoliate daily or continuously; This step has to take several factors into account, such as skin type, the type of product to exfoliate and days when this is done. Should not be performed daily exfoliation, with the passage of time will resecting and affecting the surface of the skin, therefore it is recommended to do this process at least once a week; thus, the characteristics of the skin will remain healthy and be noticed.

Ignoring the Water Temperature

One of the most needed when washing your face is water ingredients, composed almost ninety percent of what is used in this process, there should take into consideration the amount thereof and temperature. The water in very hot conditions tends to be rather harmful and not very beneficial to the surface of the face, you can burn and destroy the natural oils, which care for the skin.

Do not rinse

Another practice that should not be done when washing the face is not consider rinsing it, usually done badly leaving excess soap or other products on the face, making cause long-term damage.

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