Eco-friendly Backyards

Most gardens were not built with a sense of eco-friendliness, and that is why most of them suffer when the seasons are changing. Most people tend to neglect their backyards and take it for granted; only coming out to do some real work when summer rolls around. However, your backyard needs more love and care than that, throughout the whole year.

Investing a little into backyards and making them more sustainable will not only help them look nicer, but in the long run you will be able to grow even more exotic plants, or if you aim for creating a backyard capable of growing your own vegetables and fruit, you will have your pick throughout the whole year.


Go Native

A big issue that almost everyone tends to overlook is what kind of plants to plant in your backyard. This is a serious issue, as it can make or break your backyard. First of all, do a little research on what kind of plants best grow in your region, because there is no point in growing a luscious tropical plant in a mostly arid area. You have to take into account the local landscaping, because this way you will be able to maintain plants more easily.

Moreover, water will be your biggest issue in any backyard, especially if you have different kinds of plants with different needs. Grouping similar plants together will help you with the watering plan, and you will be also able to shave off a little from your water bill as well.

Furthermore, if you landscape with local plants, you will not only create a beautiful backyard scenery but you will also be helping the local wildlife find shelter and food as well. And if you place your plants well, you will be able to create a microclimate that will help you cool off in hot summer days.

Cooling Off

Green-Up Your Backyard The Right Way

During summer, not even plants like to be exposed to the Sun all the time; they will needs a little bit of shade as well. It is a good idea to invest into shade sails as they are an inexpensive investment that will help you with creating enough shade for the more sensitive plants and also to help you cool down when the Sun really starts heating everything up.

Time for a Splash

Everyone loves a pool in their backyard, but we also know that it is hard to maintain one because of water and cleaning requirements, so you can consult with your plumber on what to expect. However, it is possible to set up more eco-friendly pools which will utilize PVC pipes and natural solutions to help you maintain the pool better.

On the other side, it is also a good idea to create natural swimming pool, which would require a lot of digging, but in the end you will end up with a truly unique and sustainable pool which will help you preserve the environment more.

Recycling Décor

As much as it would seem like a bad idea, it is a good idea to get second-hand and recycled decorative items; they will not cost as much, and you will be helping someone get rid of their own clutter which would only get piled up more.

And for the more creative backyard landscapers, perhaps it is time to hit the drawing board, because you can use waste to create impressive pieces of art which will make your backyard stand out more from the rest.

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