Some people claim that the color on the walls of your home is the matter of pure estheticism, but some of the world’s best psychologists claim that nothing can be further from the truth. It is today pretty much proven fact that the color on your walls affects your mood as well as your behavior and therefore, it is in clear relation with how you cope with your every day. Even a layman would agree that the effect that the walls of your home have on your mood is not of small importance.

For this very reason, choose your color carefully because same as your life companion, once you chose it you have to live with it, at least for a certain amount of time.

Home Coloring: Paint The Walls To Soothe Your Mood

Wall Preparation

First thing first, before choosing the color of your wall you must first make sure of the quality in which the painting is done. You must take care of the quality of the color, but first of all, you must plaster your wall. Since this can be very complicated and demanding job it is not something that a layman could do by himself and therefore should be left to the professionals. Make sure to go to one of the professional plaster services and tell the people there what you want done regarding your walls. As men of experience, they will be aware of the best and the quickest way to prepare your walls for the color of your dreams.

A bit of Feng Shui Advice

It goes without saying that even the ancient Chinese possessed knowledge of the art regarding the connection of inanimate object and human soul. They called this art Feng Shui. Feng Shui claimed that not only do inanimate objects, by their nature and origin affect our mind and soul but also by their shape, position and of course their color. They were aware then as is the modern behavioral psychology now that colors affect our moods and state of mind. With this knowledge men should subordinate the power of colors to him in order to create an environment that would suit his ever y need.

calm bedroom

Colors of your Own

Some warm colors, like yellow or orange or earth colors like light brown and beige are great for creating an atmosphere of openness and communication, and therefore are perfect for your living room. Your kitchen should be decorated with the colors of your childhood at least according to some experts. Color red is perfect for raising the level of energy in the room and is therefore perfect for your dining room since it is known that it also raises your appetite. This is also a sound advice if your plan is to lose some weight because then you know what is color number one to avoid anywhere near you during your diet. The best color for your bathroom would be white or some of the lighter warm colors while color green with its calming and productive effect would be perfect for your office or workroom. The list is endless.

childhood kitchen

By spending time in your house, you are giving more and more of yourself to it every day. What better way there is to transform a house into a home than by enhancing it with colors which make you feel comfortable about yourself?

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