The issue of calling up a professional for something that theoretically can be done by oneself is a sensitive matter for every self-respecting DIY enthusiast. However, there comes a time when that self-respecting DIY-er needs to be honest and realistic, tell themselves that the time has come for a professional to come in and do what they do best.

The important question is how does one recognize that such a time has come. An easy way to do this is to ask oneself a couple of questions. Depending on the answers to these questions, a realistic DIY-er will know what to do.


Do I Fully Understand the Problem?

This is the first and the most important question that a DIY enthusiast needs to ask themselves before they do something. Of course, when it is a minor repair or something that does not require too much expertise, this question will be answered almost automatically. The DIY-er will know the answer to the question instinctively.

However, there are times when answering this question needs to be done meticulously and when answering it will involve some serious contemplation. For example, a washer might be blowing the circuit breaker 15 minutes into the cycle. There are a ton of things that might be causing this and if you are unfamiliar with them or if you have just a single solution for the problem that might have a ton of causes, you do not understand the problem fully; it is as clear as that.

Do I know how to Fix the Problem?

Understanding the problem does not necessarily mean that you will also be able to fix it. Sometimes the fixing can be ten times more complicated than just identifying that problem and you need to be absolutely honest with yourself about whether you can fix it successfully. Not every short circuit is the same and there are those that need to be fixed by a professional. Not all emergency roof repairs are the same and sometimes it is best to call up a professional. It is crucial that you are realistic with yourself and that you are smart about it.

Do I have All the Tools I Will Need?

There are repairs and jobs that will require little more than a hammer while there are those that will require you to be as equipped as well as a manned mission to outer space. Of course, here are those DIY-ers that will be better equipped than NASA, but it is far more likely that a DIY-er will encounter a situation for which they are just ill-equipped. In such situations, the smartest thing to do is to call the professionals and let them take care of the issue with their professional tools.

Do I Risk My Life Fixing this?

The reason why professional repairmen and construction workers are constantly clobbered over the head with health and safety trainings, rules and regulations is that a lot of their work can lead to injury and other detrimental effects to their health. Pretty much everything that involves electricity can be hazardous, as well as everything that involves heavy tools and heights. Many DIY enthusiasts think that injuries happen only to other people. This is not the case and if there is obvious chance that you might get hurt, call someone up.

In short, leave your ego and your DIY pride behind and be smart about your DIY.