“If you don’t like where you are, change it; you are not a tree,” as the old saying goes. And if that vital change means moving house, then be it – just make sure you don’t forget to pack all your beloved stuff and transport it safely to your new abode.

1. Get those Boxes, Bags and Labels Out and Start Packing

After you’ve found your new residence and made all the necessary tenancy arrangements, it’s time to grab some boxes, markers and bags and start packing. If you own more precious items than you can carry (as 99% of normal people do), the best idea would be to organize your belongings into groups, make inventory lists, decide what goes where and create a transport priority list.

That way, unpacking will be in order, and you won’t have to lose your mind tracking all of the important stuff.

Things You Need To Do When Moving Home

2. Clean Out the New Place Before Moving In

In order to avoid some needless hassle while cleaning out and prevent tripping your own stuff while dusting and mopping your new home, try to tidy up the new place before your gear arrives.

You might want to choose a new color for the walls, install new windows, change the locks and old pipes, and will need to do a detailed cleaning after the job is done.

3. Tie Up Loose Ends at the Old House

Before finally moving out, make sure you don’t leave behind any of your stuff for the landlord to do away with. Though you probably won’t need that battered ladle, ancient photo album or a rickety chair in your new home, be so kind as to throw them away instead of leaving it behind for someone else to deal with.

Also, you should clean out the rooms and wipe out any coffee or milk stains from the floor, or even do a paint number on the walls because someone who’s about to move in their new home – just like yourself – will probably appreciate it very much.

4. Make sure your Tank’s Topped Up – or Hire a Removal Van

You have come to a point when you can finally set up your new space, but before you can actually do anything – you need all your belongings transported to the new home. If you don’t own a truck, you might borrow it from a friend, or hire moving professionals as a more relaxing option.

And in case your belongings cannot fit even in the largest of the removal trucks, there’s always the option to go and get a container shelter for temporary storage. That way, you can rest in peace even when all your stuff is not at home – because with container shelters, your gear will be safe and sound until you next need it.

Things You Need To Do When Moving Home

5. Unpacking Time!

Your belongings safely arrived at the scene. And if you did do your best with marking the boxes, you can just divide them in appropriate rooms and start enjoying sorting the shelves, closets, decorating the walls and adding final touches with your favorite knickknacks.

Moving isn’t actually such a big deal if you prepare well in advance – and even if you just don’t know what to pack first or where to store unnecessary clutter, you need not despair. Follow these logical and self-explanatory steps and set your mind at ease.

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